Section G - Bills

Section G – Bills

New amendments to Bills lodged on 14 January 2011

Property Factors (Scotland) Bill – Stage 2

Section 3

Patricia Ferguson

114 In section 3, page 2, line 21, leave out <or buildings>

After section 13

Patricia Ferguson

115 After section 13, insert––

<Registered property factor identifier

Registered property factor identifier

(1) The Scottish Ministers must devise an identifier which may be used by registered property factors to identify themselves as such.

(2) A registered property factor must include the identifier mentioned in subsection (1) in any communication of a type mentioned in subsection (3).

(3) The types of communication are––

(a) any communication with any homeowner to whom the registered property factor provides property factoring services, and

(b) any communication which advertises the registered property factor’s provision of property factoring services to one or more homeowners to whom the registered property factor does not currently provide such services.

(4) In this section––

"communication" includes an electronic communication,

"property factoring services" means the activities undertaken by the property factor which cause the property factor to require to be registered in the register.>

Wildlife and Natural Environment (Scotland) Bill – Stage 2

Section 23

John Scott

158 In section 23, page 31, leave out lines 7 to 11 and insert—

<( ) The first code of practice, and any replacement code of practice, made under this section must—

(a) be laid before, and approved by resolution of, the Scottish Parliament; and

(b) come into effect on such date after approval under paragraph (a) as is specified in the code.

( ) Any revision to a code of practice must—

(a) be laid before the Scottish Parliament; and

(b) specify the date on which it is to come into effect (such date to be at least 40 days after it is so laid, disregarding any period during which the Parliament is dissolved or in recess).

( ) The Scottish Parliament may, before such revision comes into effect, resolve that it is not to come into effect.

( ) The Scottish Ministers must publish a code of practice (or any replacement or revision) made under this section no later than the day before the code (or replacement or revision) is to come into effect.>

Section 24

John Scott

159 In section 24, page 31, line 40, at end insert––

<( ) before "taking" insert "exclusion of or the",>

John Scott

160 In section 24, page 32, line 2, at end insert––

<( ) after "be" insert "excluded,",>

John Scott

161 In section 24, page 33, line 10, at end insert <,

<( ) in paragraph (a), after "land" insert ", but only if SNH is satisfied that situation cannot be remedied by exclusion".>

Section 25

John Scott

162 In section 25, page 33, line 15, at end insert––

<( ) after "them" insert "to exclude or",>

John Scott

163 In section 25, page 33, line 17, after <the> insert <exclusion,>

John Scott

164 In section 25, page 33, line 37, at end insert––

<( ) before "take" insert "exclude or to",>

Section 26

John Scott

165 In section 26, page 35, line 33, at end insert—

<( ) Before making regulations under subsection (1), the Scottish Ministers must consult any person appearing to them to have an interest in the regulations.>

After section 26

John Scott

166 After section 26, insert—

<Action intended to prevent suffering

(1) The 1996 Act is amended as follows.

(2) In section 25 (action intended to prevent suffering)—

(a) before paragraph (a), insert—

"(za) a deer which is starving and which has no reasonable chance of recovering;",

(b) in paragraph (b), the word "by" is repealed.>

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