Transplantation (Authorisation of Removal of Organs etc.) (Scotland) Bill


Outcome: F

A Bill for an Act of the Scottish Parliament to amend the law on the removal of parts of the human body for transplantation by providing for decisions to be made on behalf of a deceased adult by a proxy and by authorising removal and use in certain cases where the deceased adult has not recorded an objection.

Current Status of the Bill

This Member's Bill was introduced by Anne McTaggart MSP on 1 June 2015. The Bill fell on 9 February 2016, following the Stage 1 debate and the Parliament not agreeing the general principles of the Bill.

Stage 1

Lead Committee: Health and Sport

Dates of consideration by lead Committee:

6 October 2015

27 October 2015

17 November 2015 (evidence)

24 November 2015 (evidence) 

1 December 2015 (evidence)

8 December 2015 (evidence)

19 January 2016

21 January 2016

28 January 2016

Dates of consideration by other Committees:

24 June 2015 (Finance)

3 November 2015 (Delegated Powers and Law Reform)

11 November 2015 (Finance)

1 December 2015 (Delegated Powers and Law Reform)

2 December 2015 (Finance)

19 January 2016 (Delegated Powers and Law Reform)

Passage of the Bill: