2013 asp 1    Social Care (Self-directed Support) (Scotland)

2013 asp 2    Freedom of Information (Amendment) (Scotland)

2013 asp 3    Scottish Civil Justice Council and Criminal Legal Assistance 

2013 asp 4    Budget 2013 

2013 asp 5    Water Resources (Scotland)

2013 asp 6    High Hedges (Scotland)

2013 asp 7    Aquaculture and Fisheries (Scotland)

2013 asp 8    Forth Road Bridge

2013 asp 9    The National Trust for Scotland (Governance etc.)

2013 asp 10    Crofting (Amendment) (Scotland)

2013 asp 11    Land and Buildings Transaction Tax (Scotland)

2013 asp 12    Post-16 Education (Scotland)

2013 asp 13    Scottish Independence Referendum (Franchise)

2013 asp 14    Scottish Independence Referendum

Further information

The Parliament produces a series of publications entitled ‘Scottish Parliament Passage of the Bill’ volumes. These volumes contain all the material relevant to the passage of the Bill through the Parliament.

When a volume has been produced for a Bill, it is linked in this section. Volumes are categorised according to the year of Royal Assent, which is when they become an Act of the Scottish Parliament, or 'asp'. 'Passage of the Bill' volumes are produced for Bills which are passed by the Parliament, and are not produced for Private Bills. 

Volumes are scheduled to be published six months after the date of Royal Assent, and the completion of a small number of volumes from previous sessions is ongoing.  Volumes from Session 2 (2003 onward) are available online. For Bills passed from 1999 to 2003, the volumes are currently available in hard copy only, and can be accessed in any legal deposit library.