Provision of Rail Passenger Services (Scotland) Bill


Outcome: F

A Bill to direct the Scottish Ministers as to how they shall exercise the powers conferred upon them by the Railways Act 1993 as amended by the Railways Act 2005 in relation to the provision of rail passenger services; and for connected purposes.

Current Status of the Bill

Bill fell on 9 November 2006

Introduction of the Bill

Introduced on 29 September 2006

Bill as introduced:

Accompanying documents:

Preliminary discussion:

Local Government and Transport Committee:

Stage 1

The Presiding Officer ruled on 28 September 2006 that the Bill was outside the legislative competence of the Scottish Parliament.

The Local Government and Transport Committee agreed that the Convener move a parliamentary motion recommending to Parliament that the general principles of the Bill should not be agreed to, without the committee undertaking the usual Stage 1 process.