Long Leases (Scotland) Bill [2010]


Outcome: F

A Bill to convert the right of lease in relation to certain long leases into ownership; to create, on such conversion, separate tenements in relation to certain rights of game and fishing; to provide for the conversion into real burdens of certain rights and obligations under such leases; to provide for payment to former owners of land of compensation for loss of it on conversion; to provide for tenants of qualifying long leases to opt out of conversion; and for connected purposes.

Current Status of the Bill

This Bill was introduced on 10 November 2010.  The Bill fell on 23 March 2011.

Stage 1

The lead committee for Stage 1 is the Justice Committee.

Lead committee: Justice

Lead committee's Stage 1 report

Other committees:

Subordinate Legislation Committee:

21 December 2010
Subordinate Legislation Committee 5th Report 2011: Long Leases (Scotland) Bill

Fell 23 March 2011

Passage of the Bill: