Contributors to Time for Reflection Session 4

This fact sheet provides a list of contributors to Time for Reflection in the Scottish Parliament during Session 4. It is arranged by date, with the most recent date and Official Report reference appearing first. It also includes the name and religious affiliation of the contributor, and additional information about the contributor.

Time for Reflection is normally the first item of business at a meeting of the Parliament each week. Following the Reform of Parliamentary Business Inquiry, it was decided to move Time for Reflection. From 4 September 2012 Time for Reflection became the first item of business on Tuesday afternoon. Previously it was the first item of business on Wednesday afternoons.

A speaker addresses the meeting for up to 4 minutes. Invitations to address the Parliament at Time for Reflection are issued by the Presiding Officer on advice from the Parliamentary Bureau. The pattern of speakers reflects the balance of beliefs in Scotland (based on the Census).

In general, nominations for contributors are proposed to the Presiding Officer by MSPs or by the religions or faiths directly. There have been occasions when individuals have written to the Presiding Officer with nominations for contributors.

Published: 23 March 2016