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Fair Fringe Campaign

That the Parliament welcomes the Fair Fringe campaign aimed at improving the wages and working conditions for all workers involved with the Edinburgh Fringe Festival; considers that the type of short and fixed-term work associated with festivals is particularly open to exploitation from unscrupulous employers, including wages going unpaid, low pay, sexual harassment in the workplace and excessively long hours; encourages all workers involved in the Fringe to become involved with the Fair Fringe campaign, and calls on all festival employers to sign up to Unite’s Fair Hospitality Charter.

Supported by: Ruth Maguire, John Mason, Andy Wightman, Graeme Dey, Stuart McMillan, Ben Macpherson, Richard Leonard R, Fulton MacGregor, David Torrance, Rona Mackay, Alison Johnstone, Ivan McKee, Neil Findlay, Elaine Smith, John Finnie, Johann Lamont, Kezia Dugdale, Clare Adamson, Anas Sarwar, Patrick Harvie, Mark Ruskell, Monica Lennon, Lewis Macdonald, Tom Arthur, Jackie Baillie, Colin Smyth

Current Status: Fallen on 29/11/2017
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