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Launch of South Lanarkshire Radio

That the Parliament warmly welcomes the launch of the community-based station, South Lanarkshire Radio; understands that the station, which is entirely run by volunteers, aims to be a community resource for local projects, charities, community groups and local people throughout South Lanarkshire; pays tribute to the over 30 volunteers who dedicate their time, effort and skill to ensuring there is a localised voice within South Lanarkshire; notes that South Lanarkshire Radio promotes a welcoming and inclusive approach, ensuring that its studios are fully accessible, and that it encourages participation from all, regardless of age or ability; understands that it will be running radio training programmes and workshops in its studios and at local schools, colleges and community groups, and encourages everyone to tune into the station as programmes will, it believes, go from strength to strength.

Supported by: Ash Denham, Joan McAlpine, Bill Kidd, Kenneth Gibson, Richard Lyle, Ruth Maguire, Clare Haughey, Stewart Stevenson

Scottish Gas Hamilton Academy

That the Parliament welcomes the investment by Centrica to extend its lease with the flagship Scottish Gas Hamilton Academy for a further 10 years; believes that this will secure the future of what it sees as this industry-leading and award-winning learning hub that is driving the national smart meter roll-out and help deliver the next generation of energy skills; congratulates its apprentices of all ages and backgrounds, including veterans, who have graduated through the academy; notes that, in the 10 years since it was opened by the First Minister, over 1,000 apprentices and engineers have trained at the site, including 150 in the last year, and believes that, with £30,000 invested in each trainee, Centrica is making a significant endorsement in Scotland's skills, the Hamilton community and the wider economy.

Supported by: Joan McAlpine, David Torrance, Ruth Maguire, Clare Haughey, Bill Kidd, Richard Lyle, Stewart Stevenson

Celebrating BEMIS Scotland and the Importance of Multicultural Inclusion

That the Parliament congratulates BEMIS Scotland on its comprehensive programme to celebrate Scotland’s diverse, multi-generational migrant communities as part of Scotland’s Year of History, Heritage and Archaeology and the Scottish Winter Festivals 2018; considers that BEMIS’ approach to encourage active citizenship within a human rights-based approach has enabled communities across Scotland to articulate what Scotland means to them as "home", utilising the cultural and social characteristics inherent in the global community of citizens who make up the mosaic of communities in modern Scotland; believes that this approach is underpinned by a shared objective to progress an inclusive national identity that is predicated on recognising that people are combined by their humanity and enhanced by their diversity; notes in particular that over 50,000 people have attended or participated in the 73 diverse celebrations across Scotland, including events such as Dusherra on Calton Hill, Stirling Chanukah, Edinburgh Diwali, Govan Community Projects AFRO Ceilidh, Glasgow Afghan United’s Burns Supper, Aberdeen Multicultural Centres Burns Extravaganza, Edinburgh’s Alwaleed Centres Taste of Islam and Ando Glaso/Govanhill – St Nicholas Day Roma Celebration and the Gaelic Athletic Associations Day of Irish Heritage; sends its best wishes to everyone attending BEMIS Celebrates BURNS as part of the world-renowned Celtic Connections 25th anniversary celebrations, which it believes is a fantastic night proactively showcasing Scotland’s citizens in a spirit of mutual understanding and shared community.

Supported by: James Dornan, Ruth Maguire, Richard Lochhead, Monica Lennon, Richard Lyle, Joan McAlpine, Ivan McKee, Anas Sarwar, Stuart McMillan, Bill Kidd, Clare Haughey, John Finnie, Jenny Gilruth, John Mason, Stewart Stevenson, David Torrance, Colin Beattie, Pauline McNeill, Alex Cole-Hamilton, Ben Macpherson, Jackie Baillie, Gillian Martin, Sandra White, Fulton MacGregor, Tom Arthur

Quick Credit Voucher, Tackling Fuel Poverty in Scotland

That the Parliament recognises the Quick Credit Voucher scheme from Scottish Power; believes that the scheme offers a £49 credit payment designed to support customers who are referred to foodbanks and may be in need of fuel assistance; notes that the scheme is being piloted at the Hamilton District Foodbank in the Hamilton, Larkhall and Stonehouse parliamentary constituency; praises Scottish Power for showing, what it believes to be, an ethical and morally responsible approach in assisting customers to tackle fuel poverty; reiterates praise for the volunteers of the foodbank, noting their tireless work in providing food and assistance for over 4,015 people throughout 2016-17; believes that the Quick Credit Voucher model can be used as a template by others when offering customers support with their energy needs, and notes that other energy companies, including E.ON, npower, British Gas, EDF and SSE are being encouraged to respond to this campaign, helping those across Scotland who face the uncertainty of fuel poverty.

Supported by: Ash Denham, Stewart Stevenson, Ruth Maguire, Bill Kidd, Kenneth Gibson, Joan McAlpine, Gillian Martin, Clare Haughey, Sandra White, Jenny Gilruth, Rona Mackay, Richard Lyle, David Torrance, Ivan McKee, Colin Beattie, Stuart McMillan, Fulton MacGregor, Tom Arthur, Gail Ross, Angus MacDonald, Alex Cole-Hamilton, John Finnie, Ben Macpherson, Kate Forbes, Claudia Beamish

Current Status: Achieved Cross Party Support
South Lanarkshire Self-Directed Support Network Receives National Lottery Award

That the Parliament congratulates the South Lanarkshire Self-Directed Support Network (SLSDSN), based in Hamilton, Larkhall and Stonehouse on receiving £10,000 from National Lottery's Awards for All Scotland programme; notes the important work of the SLSDSN in providing advice and information on self-directed support to give people more choice and control over their care; acknowledges that the National Lottery Awards provides grants for local projects that aim to help improve local communities and the lives of people most in need; believes that the money awarded will allow the SLSDSN to deliver awareness roadshows, as well as improve its website and marketing materials; welcomes the award to the network, and wishes it well in the future.

Supported by: David Torrance, Richard Lyle, Sandra White, Bill Kidd, Stewart Stevenson, Gillian Martin, Clare Haughey, Jenny Gilruth, Ruth Maguire, Ben Macpherson, Ivan McKee, Tom Arthur

Hamilton Karate Students Bring Back Medals from KWF UK Junior Development Championships

That the Parliament congratulates Khonkai Karate Academy on its great success at the KWF UK Junior Development Championships in Burnley; notes that three Hamilton karate students, Lauren Blair, Chloe McAulay and Olivia McAulay managed to secure four medals between them as they represented Scotland at the competition; celebrates the achievements of the Kihonkai Karate Academy, and wishes it even more success in the future.

Supported by: Gillian Martin, Richard Lyle, Bob Doris, Bill Kidd, David Torrance, Clare Haughey, Jenny Gilruth, Ruth Maguire, Ben Macpherson, Ivan McKee, Tom Arthur

Hamilton-based Dad Climbs Mount Everest for Diabetes UK

That the Parliament congratulates Hamilton-based dad, Brian Thomson, and his team on climbing Mount Everest, completing the 17,601 feet trek in 18 days to raise funds for Diabetes UK; notes that the charity is close to his heart as his daughter Hayley was diagnosed nine years ago with Type 1 diabetes; acknowledges that Diabetes UK provides care and support to those diagnosed with diabetes and works on preventative measures for those at risk as well as undertaking important fundraising, campaigning and research; further congratulates Brian on his great achievement, and wishes Hayley and Brian well in the future.

Supported by: Gillian Martin, Emma Harper R, Richard Lyle, Bill Kidd, David Torrance, Monica Lennon, Clare Haughey, Jenny Gilruth, Ruth Maguire, Ben Macpherson, Ivan McKee, Tom Arthur

UN International Migrants Day

That the Parliament acknowledges that UN International Migrants Day will be marked on 18 December 2017; remembers the refugees and migrants who have tragically lost their lives while trying to reach safety; notes the continued devastating effect of armed conflict on civilian populations, leading to death, destruction and displacement in areas such as Myanmar, Yemen and Libya and, sadly, many more; understands that recent figures showi that Scotland has welcomed one fifth of the Syrian refugees who have been resettled in the UK; celebrates the contribution of all refugees and migrants who have made Scotland their home and the positive contribution that they make to communities and economy; believes that the current migration system is not fit for purpose, and supports calls for a differentiated, more flexible solution, which is tailored to meet Scotland’s circumstances.

Supported by: Pauline McNeill, Patrick Harvie, Sandra White, Emma Harper, Bob Doris, Joan McAlpine, Clare Haughey, Bill Kidd, Richard Lyle, John Mason, Fulton MacGregor, Stuart McMillan, David Torrance, Jenny Gilruth, Alex Rowley, Clare Adamson, Gillian Martin, Ivan McKee, Stewart Stevenson, Christine Grahame

Newfield Primary Nursery Class

That the Parliament congratulates Newfield Primary Nursery Class, which is Stonehouse, on its £7,600 Awards for All grant, which the local authority-nursery will used towards creating an outdoor learning environment and providing outdoor clothing for its 60 pupils, and wishes the class all the best.

Supported by: Richard Lyle, Gillian Martin, Fulton MacGregor, Stewart Stevenson, Bill Kidd, Clare Haughey, Jenny Gilruth, Ruth Maguire, David Torrance, Clare Adamson, Ivan McKee

Hamilton-based Equi's Ice Cream Secures Deal with ASDA

That the Parliament congratulates Equi’s Ice Cream in Hamilton on securing a new deal with ASDA that will see its produce stocked across 41 stores in Scotland; acknowledges that this is a huge achievement for the company; notes the inspirational history of the company, with Tuscany native Pietro Equi emigrating from Italy and opening the first Equi’s café in Hamilton in 1922; commends the family-run business for 94 years of great success, especially 2017, which has been an amazing year in terms of awards and this new expansion; notes that ASDA is placing an increasing amount of importance on local suppliers and helping them to grow their businesses; encourages ASDA to continue creating these great opportunities; further congratulates Equi’s on its continued success, and wishes it well in the future.

Supported by: Fulton MacGregor, Ash Denham, Joan McAlpine, Stuart McMillan, Clare Haughey, Monica Lennon, Jenny Gilruth, Bill Kidd, Bob Doris, David Torrance, Ruth Maguire, Richard Lyle, Clare Adamson, Gail Ross, Gillian Martin, Ivan McKee, Stewart Stevenson