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Flooding in Prestwick

That the Parliament notes the long standing issue of flooding across several residential areas of Prestwick; understands that these problems have been faced by local homeowners over many years; notes that Prestwick has been identified in SEPA’s National Flood Risk Assessment as having a significant flood risk; believes that the flooding endured by local residents requires to be addressed, and calls on the Scottish Government to ensure that measures to deal with external sewer flooding in Prestwick is included in future investment programmes.

Supported by: Michelle Ballantyne, Tom Mason, Liam Kerr, Annie Wells

Current Status: Fallen on 29/11/2017
The Scottish International Airshow

That the Parliament congratulates the organisers, sponsors, partners and volunteers of the successful Scottish International Airshow, which was held on 2-3 September 2017 in Ayr; recognises the achievement of everyone involved in organising this international event, which attracted over 100,000 visitors to Ayrshire, and wishes the Scottish International Airshow continued success in the future.

Supported by: Liz Smith, Gordon Lindhurst, Miles Briggs, Ruth Maguire, Tom Mason, Jeremy Balfour, Margaret Mitchell, Edward Mountain, Peter Chapman, Stuart McMillan, Bill Kidd, Richard Lyle, Bob Doris, Michelle Ballantyne, Donald Cameron, Kenneth Gibson, Bruce Crawford, Jamie Greene, Maurice Corry, Stewart Stevenson, Liam Kerr, Colin Beattie, Alexander Burnett, Adam Tomkins, Tom Arthur, Finlay Carson, Jackson Carlaw, Clare Adamson, Maurice Golden, Brian Whittle

Current Status: Fallen on 29/11/2017
Ayr and District Flower Show

That the Parliament congratulates the members of the Ayr and District Flower Show Committee on staging their inaugural show on 18 and 19 August 2017; applauds the efforts of the volunteers who ensured that the show ran so smoothly; thanks all of the local sponsors who contributed towards the staging of the event, and wishes the committee every success with their future shows.

Supported by: Miles Briggs, Jeremy Balfour, Liz Smith, Edward Mountain, Stuart McMillan, Rachael Hamilton, Jamie Greene, Maurice Corry, Ash Denham, Donald Cameron, Stewart Stevenson, Margaret Mitchell, David Torrance, Liam Kerr, Finlay Carson, Tom Mason, Peter Chapman, Alison Harris, Michelle Ballantyne, Bill Kidd, Tom Arthur, Jamie Halcro Johnston, Murdo Fraser, Dean Lockhart, Gordon Lindhurst, Ivan McKee, Jackson Carlaw, Alexander Burnett, Maurice Golden

Current Status: Fallen on 29/11/2017