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St Columba's Church Lunch Programme

That the Parliament congratulates St Columba's Church of Scotland in Ayr on creating a new lunch programme to feed children from disadvantaged families over the summer holidays; commends Rev Fraser Aitken, Mr Malcolm Mckay, youth worker Dylan Harper and church volunteers for planning, funding and delivering the children's summer food programme; recognises the difficulties faced by some families during the summer when free school breakfasts and lunches are unavailable, and expresses gratitude to St Columba's Church of Scotland and to businesses and individuals in the Ayr community for undertaking this initiative.

Supported by: Jackson Carlaw

Dementia Friendly Prestwick

That the Parliament welcomes the recent launch of Dementia Friendly Prestwick; commends the scheme’s introduction of best practice from countries such as Japan and the USA; understands that 90,000 people in Scotland live with dementia and 76% of Scots know someone who has dementia or cares for someone with the condition; recognises that dementia can be an isolating condition with diverse care needs; welcomes steps by Alzheimer Scotland to tackle stigma around the condition during Dementia Awareness Week; believes that dementia friendly communities will have an increasingly important role to play as Scotland’s population ages and dementia increases, and congratulates local Prestwick businesses on their engagement with the scheme.

Supported by: Peter Chapman, Miles Briggs, Alexander Burnett, Stuart McMillan, Alison Harris, Jackson Carlaw, Murdo Fraser, David Torrance, Ivan McKee, Jeremy Balfour, Douglas Ross, Colin Beattie, Bob Doris, Bruce Crawford, Kenneth Gibson, John Lamont, Liam McArthur, Donald Cameron, Finlay Carson, Edward Mountain, Margaret Mitchell, Oliver Mundell, Jackie Baillie, Graeme Dey, Ruth Maguire, Brian Whittle, Bill Kidd, Colin Smyth, Gil Paterson, Gordon Lindhurst, Sandra White

Support for Rural Ayrshire Ministry

That the Parliament welcomes the first dedicated farming minister post created by the Church of Scotland in Ayr to support people in the agricultural industry; considers that the farming sector is undergoing serious challenges at this time, specifically regarding low produce prices and issues with common agricultural policy (CAP) payments, and that this has led to high levels of stress and mental health issues among farmers; considers that this new position will provide the church with a better understanding of modern-day farming concerns as it seeks to build relationships with people working in the industry, provide spiritual and family support and encourage consumers to buy locally, and congratulates the Church of Scotland Ayr Presbytery on responding to a local need in what it considers such a pertinent and imaginative way.

Supported by: Anne McTaggart, Cameron Buchanan, John Lamont, Jackie Baillie, Margaret Mitchell, Mary Scanlon, Kenneth Gibson, Margaret McDougall, Murdo Fraser, David Torrance, Colin Beattie, Dennis Robertson, Nanette Milne, Liz Smith, Nigel Don, Gil Paterson, Sandra White

Current Status: Fallen on 23/03/2016