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MS KeepSmyelin Group in Keith

That the Parliament welcomes the establishment of the new MS KeepSmyelin group in Keith, Moray; notes that this is a new group that is affiliated with MS Society Scotland and is the first in Scotland to focus on fundraising for research; recognises that the name of the group is a play on words as one of its key interests is Myelin regeneration research; congratulates the group’s coordinator, Susan Shand, who has already raised in excess of £15,000 for MS charities since being diagnosed with the condition in 2009; acknowledges that MS KeepSmyelin will hold its first event, an Autumn Fair, on 22 September 2018 in Keith, and wishes the group well for its inaugural event and future fundraising efforts.

Supported by: Liam McArthur, David Stewart, Joan McAlpine, Richard Lyle, Angela Constance, David Torrance, George Adam, Bill Kidd, Fulton MacGregor, Sandra White, Jenny Gilruth, Colin Beattie, Jamie Halcro Johnston, Alexander Burnett, John Finnie, Gil Paterson, Gillian Martin, Maureen Watt, Tom Arthur, Ruth Maguire

125 Years of Elgin City Football Club

That the Parliament congratulates Elgin City FC on celebrating 125 years since it was formed; notes that the club was formed following the amalgamation of Elgin Rovers and Vale of Lossie on 10 August 1893 at a meeting in the City Hotel in Elgin; recognises that John A Russell was appointed captain, John Christie as vice-captain and Thomas C MacFarlane and John Paul were joint secretaries; understands that the club gained membership of the Highland League in 1895 and would go on to win the championship 14 times and it considers, controversially, were denied a 15th title in season 1992-93; acknowledges that the club was admitted to the Scottish Football League in 2000, entering the Third Division; recognises that Elgin City FC has a long and proud history, with its home ground, Borough Briggs, creating many memories for lots of Moray football fans, and wishes the entire club all the very best for the future.

Supported by: Joan McAlpine, Emma Harper, Kenneth Gibson, Sandra White, Stuart McMillan, Stewart Stevenson, David Torrance, Bill Kidd, Richard Lyle, Jenny Gilruth, Colin Beattie, Jamie Halcro Johnston, Alexander Burnett, Gil Paterson, Tom Arthur, Ruth Maguire

Michael Prendergast Rows Across the Pacific

That the Parliament congratulates Michael Prendergast on being the youngest person to row across the Pacific; notes that the 23-year-old from Moray crossed from California to Honolulu in 49 days, 23 hours and 15 minutes as part of the annual Great Pacific Race; recognises that Michael and his three team mates crossed the line first to win the race; acknowledges that Michael did the crossing to raise money for Down's Syndrome Scotland; appreciates that he has raised £7,000 and hopes to be able to achieve a target of £40,000; encourages people to donate to his chosen charity, and wishes Michael well in reaching his fundraising target.

Supported by: Stewart Stevenson, Sandra White, Emma Harper, Richard Lyle, Tom Mason, Joan McAlpine, David Torrance, Bill Kidd, Gillian Martin, Angela Constance, Fulton MacGregor, Jenny Gilruth, Colin Beattie, Jamie Halcro Johnston, Alexander Burnett, Gil Paterson, Tom Arthur, Ruth Maguire, Maureen Watt

Hanover Housing Development to Deliver Health and Social Care in the Moray Community

That the Parliament congratulates Hanover Scotland housing association on the opening of its new Hamilton Gardens site in Spynie in Moray; believes that the 44-home social housing development will help bring health and social care facilities closer to the community and allow residents to lead more independent lives; praises the partnership between Hanover Scotland, Moray Council and the Scottish Government, which allowed the development to come to fruition; thanks the firm, Robertson, for building such a unique site; sends its best wishes to all of the incoming residents, and hopes that they enjoy their new homes.

Supported by: Jenny Gilruth, David Stewart, Bill Kidd, Kenneth Gibson, Richard Lyle, Sandra White, Colin Beattie, David Torrance, Stuart McMillan, Stewart Stevenson, Gillian Martin, Tom Arthur

Congratulations to Moray Speyside on New Tourism Figures

That the Parliament congratulates Moray Speyside Tourism on newly published tourism figures; understands that the economic impact of tourism in Moray rose by £11 million in 2017, had an increase of 50,000 visitors, and created an additional 77 full-time equivalent posts; further understands that these statistics also show that Moray has consistently outperformed the vast majority of other areas surveyed in Scotland; believes that this improvement represents the biggest ever rise in tourism in the area; further believes that since 2009, an extra 177,000 people have visited the area, spending an additional £92 million; recognises that this increase represents huge economic growth to the area and that Moray Speyside has generated significant interest due to increased whisky tourism through people wishing to visit Moray’s significant whisky distilleries as well as a greater awareness of what the area has to offer; notes that, in addition to distilleries, the area benefits from stunning natural beauty, wildlife, historical sites and exciting activities; considers this a major achievement for the region and for the Scottish tourism industry; commends everyone involved at Moray Speyside Tourism and all involved locally for their tireless work in achieving such sustainable economic growth for Moray, and wishes them continued success for the future.

Supported by: Emma Harper, Bill Kidd, Sandra White, Stuart McMillan, Richard Lyle, Stewart Stevenson, Tom Mason, David Torrance, Jenny Gilruth, Tom Arthur, Fulton MacGregor, Gillian Martin, Maureen Watt

Lossiemouth Community Council Raises £1,100 for Public Toilets

That the Parliament congratulates Lossiemouth Community Council on raising £1,100 toward keeping open the Station Park public toilets; understands that the group encouraged people to “spend a penny” at a collection during the 41st annual Lossiemouth Raft Race to help reach the £1,400 annual cost to run the facilities; considers that the proactive approach taken by the group towards this shows a clear desire keep them open; acknowledges the significant community support that the campaign has already received, and encourages others in the community to support this campaign; commends the efforts of community council chairman, Mike Mulholland, and everyone involved in the campaign, and looks forward to an agreement between the local community and The Moray Council in the near future.

Supported by: Maureen Watt, Stewart Stevenson, Joan McAlpine, Richard Lyle, Bill Kidd, David Torrance, Sandra White, Jenny Gilruth, Ruth Maguire, Tom Arthur, Fulton MacGregor, Gillian Martin

Elgin Town Hall for the Community

That the Parliament congratulates the Elgin Town Hall for the Community working group on taking over the running of the hall; understands that the group has signed a two-year lease, during which time it will seek to be given a community asset transfer and place the venue on a permanent and sustainable footing as a community asset; acknowledges that the victory comes after a five-month campaign to raise enough money and support for it to save the hall from possible closure; notes that it launched a crowdfunder that raised £3,000 to help pay the daily running costs of the venue and was awarded an additional £5,000 in support from Highlands and Islands Enterprise; understands that, after discussions with Graeme Leadbitter, who is the leader of The Moray Council, the group was also given a reassurance that it will have a seat at the Moray Growth Deal talks; recognises what it sees as the excellent work of the group and its chairman, Mike Devenney, as well as the efforts of the council’s Community Support Unit to secure a future for the venue; commends everyone involved in making this happen, and wishes Elgin Town Hall for the Community continued success with its plans.

Supported by: Bill Kidd, Joan McAlpine, David Torrance, Stewart Stevenson, Sandra White, Jenny Gilruth, Ruth Maguire, Tom Arthur, Fulton MacGregor, Gillian Martin, Maureen Watt

Speyfest 2018

That the Parliament celebrates the success of Speyfest 2018, which took place from 27 to 29 July in Fochabers; congratulates the Chairman, James Alexander, and the whole committee on the first class line-up, which included local emerging talent from Milne's High School, as well as established bands and artists such as Rura, Skerryvore and the CC Smugglers; commends the organisers for making the three-day festival an enjoyable event for all, with a variety of traditional and modern music; congratulates everyone involved on a hugely successful 23rd Speyfest, which showcased talent from across Scotland and beyond, and hopes that the festival will continue to go from strength to strength.

Supported by: Jenny Gilruth, Bill Kidd, Alasdair Allan, Stuart McMillan, Ruth Maguire, Jamie Halcro Johnston, Joan McAlpine, Rona Mackay, Emma Harper, Richard Lyle, Stewart Stevenson, Gillian Martin, Fulton MacGregor, Kenneth Gibson, Sandra White, Tom Arthur

Moray Council Wins Public Sector Paperless Award

That the Parliament congratulates the Moray Council on winning the national Public Sector Paperless Award; recognises the council's hard work to reduce the use of paper and help reduce annual costs of £3 million; acknowledges its success in making document and record management usage more efficient and waste free; congratulates the local authority's staff, including the Designing Better Services team, which leads the project, on this success, and hopes that the Moray Council and other local authorities will continue to look at innovative ways to reduce waste.

Supported by: Stewart Stevenson, Stuart McMillan, Joan McAlpine, Richard Lyle, Alasdair Allan, Bill Kidd, Jenny Gilruth, Emma Harper, Gillian Martin, Fulton MacGregor, Sandra White, Tom Arthur

Dr Gray’s Renal Dialysis Team Nominated for Award

That the Parliament congratulates Dr Gray’s renal dialysis team on its nomination for "Top Team" in The Daily Record Health awards; is grateful to the team for its life saving work; acknowledges that Dr Gray’s has been providing dialysis services since 1994; commends the senior charge nurse, Sheila Archibald, and her team of 15, for what it considers being consistently friendly and positive to all patients throughout their treatment; praises the team for its dedication to its work, which it understands leads patients to describe them as extended family; recognises and commends the team of nurses for giving up their own time to raise funds for the unit, and wishes them luck in the awards ceremony on 1 November 2018.

Supported by: Stewart Stevenson, David Torrance, Edward Mountain, Joan McAlpine, Emma Harper, Richard Lyle, Jenny Gilruth, Bill Kidd, Bruce Crawford, Fulton MacGregor, Clare Adamson, Tom Arthur, Maureen Watt, Gillian Martin

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