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To ask the Scottish Government how it can support deer managers to supply venison to local people.

Answered by Fergus Ewing (16/01/2019):

There is considerable potential from both wild and farmed deer in Scotland. The new venison sector action plan launched in September, Beyond the Glen , seeks to realise this potential to increase the production and consumption of Scottish venison.

While recognising that mechanisms already exist that allow the supply of venison to local markets through local processing facilities, licensed venison dealers, and local outlets, the plan sets out a number of actions which will help to grow the Venison sector in Scotland and we are committed to working in partnership with the sector to help take forward the actions outlined in the Strategy.

Current Status: Answered by Fergus Ewing on 16/01/2019

To ask the Scottish Government how the proposals in its draft Budget aim to help support the work of credit unions.

Answered by Kate Forbes (09/01/2019):

The 2019-20 Budget proposes to continue targeting support to the credit unions sector – helping to enable affordable loans and savings in our communities, and protecting people from predatory lenders and unmanageable debt.

Specific support over the coming year will continue to be designed in partnership with the sector, building on our national awareness-raising campaign before Christmas and our programme of supporting credit union partnerships with schools across the country.

Current Status: Answered by Kate Forbes on 09/01/2019

To ask the Scottish Government how it has evaluated the pilot in schools of its Equally Safe programme.

Current Status: Taken in the Chamber on 20/12/2018

To ask the Scottish Government what involvement it currently has with the UK Government’s Migration Advisory Committee in relation to advice on migration policy post-Brexit.

Current Status: Taken in the Chamber on 28/11/2018

To ask the Scottish Government, further to the answer to question S5W-19771 by Shirley-Anne Somerville on 19 November 2018, whether it has raised specific concerns with the DWP and Social Security Advisory Committee about the changes made in the update of the guidance in version 14, issued by the DWP on 16 August 2018, which means that implicit consent continues to apply to MPs but not to MSPs, with previous guidance stating that implicit consent applied to both.

Answered by Shirley-Anne Somerville (29/11/2018):

The Scottish Government has previously raised its concerns with DWP about the lack of implicit consent for MSP’s at both a Ministerial and official level and continues to be frustrated by the DWP’s lack of action. The Social Security Advisory Committee also raised this issue in their recent review of the Universal Credit Managed Migration regulations and recommended that DWP explore options for extending implicit consent within Universal Credit. The DWP has agreed to explore potential options in conjunction with the SSAC and publish a report on how this could be done. The SSAC recommended that any report be published by March 2019.

The Scottish Government will continue to press the UK Government to put in place the changes necessary to make Universal Credit fit for purpose.

Current Status: Answered by Shirley-Anne Somerville on 29/11/2018

To ask the Scottish Government what progress is being made in identifying sites to replace HMP Barlinnie.

Answered by Humza Yousaf (21/11/2018):

The Scottish Prison Service has been undertaking a site search to identify a potential location for the development of HMP Glasgow. One site has been identified, and should this prove viable, the normal planning application process will apply.

Current Status: Answered by Humza Yousaf on 21/11/2018

To ask the Scottish Government what action it is taking to reduce the inequalities faced by autistic people, and people with a learning disability.

Current Status: Taken in the Chamber on 15/11/2018

To ask the Scottish Government what its response is to reports that the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has introduced new rules for MSPs representing their constituents in Universal Credit cases, and what discussions it has had with the UK Government regarding this.

Answered by Shirley-Anne Somerville (19/11/2018):

We are aware that the lack of implicit consent in Universal Credit (UC) makes it difficult for MSP’s and advice services to fully support those who are struggling with UC. This is yet another example of UC not working for the people who claim it.

We have raised our concerns with the Department for Work and Pensions and the Social Security Advisory Committee (SSAC) recently recommended that DWP extend implicit consent to Universal Credit cases. We were disappointed that instead of accepting this recommendation, the DWP has said it will explore options in collaboration with the SSAC and will publish a report with the findings.

Current Status: Answered by Shirley-Anne Somerville on 19/11/2018

To ask the Scottish Government how it supports small- and medium-sized enterprises to contribute to the green economy.

Current Status: Taken in the Chamber on 07/11/2018

To ask the Scottish Government how it defines "older people".

Current Status: Taken in the Chamber on 31/10/2018
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