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Indefatigable East Kilbride Sea Cadets

That the Parliament congratulates Chief Leber and the East Kilbride Sea Cadets on winning the Indefatigable Trophy, which was awarded for being the most improved Sea Cadet Unit in the UK; notes that this follows the award of a Burgee for being in the top 20% of UK units, and a Captain’s Commendation, both of which were presented to them during their recent visit to the Parliament; recognises the hard work of all those involved in running such a successful unit, and wishes all cadets, staff and parents the very best for the year ahead.

Supported by: Stuart McMillan, Richard Lyle, Tom Arthur, Bill Kidd, Stewart Stevenson, David Torrance, Miles Briggs, Colin Beattie, Alexander Burnett, Gillian Martin, Maureen Watt

East Kilbride's Young Scot Year of Young People's Champion

That the Parliament congratulates Rachael McCully Tidmore from East Kilbride on winning the Young Scot Year of Young People 2018 Champion of the Year Award; applauds Rachael’s involvement in the 2018 Year of Young People programme, helping to make it such a success; notes her assistance with decisions regarding the event through her role in the Young Scot group, Communic18, supporting the design of the year-long event so that it was accessible to everyone; recognises Rachael's years of involvement in voluntary work in East Kilbride and beyond, and wishes her every success in the future.

Supported by: Emma Harper, Joan McAlpine, Sandra White, Stuart McMillan, Richard Lyle, Bill Kidd, Miles Briggs, Kenneth Gibson, Clare Adamson, Jenny Gilruth, Angela Constance, Fulton MacGregor, David Torrance, Tom Arthur, Gillian Martin, Stewart Stevenson, Maureen Watt

East Kilbride's Young Scot of the Year Arts Award Winner

That the Parliament congratulates Amy Tucker of East Kilbride on winning the Young Scot of the Year Arts Award; hails Amy’s success and notes that, at age 14, she has already published six graphic novels that can be found in major bookshops; praises Amy’s work in running comic book workshops at libraries and at the Royal Hospital for Children, and her plans to rework the books for children with dyslexia, and wishes Amy much future success in all that she does.

Supported by: Emma Harper, Edward Mountain, Richard Lyle, Joan McAlpine, Monica Lennon, Sandra White, Stuart McMillan, Bill Kidd, Miles Briggs, Kenneth Gibson, Clare Adamson, Jenny Gilruth, Angela Constance, Fulton MacGregor, David Torrance, Tom Arthur, Gillian Martin, Stewart Stevenson, Maureen Watt

East Kilbride's Young Legend, Mark Goudie

That the Parliament congratulates Mark Goudie, who is from East Kilbride, on winning a VisitScotland Young Legend Energy Award; understands that these awards, which have been introduced in the 2018 Year of Young People, celebrate Scotland’s leading reputation for invention and innovation by recognising the leading-edge work of special young people aged 18 to 26 who live and work in the nation today; acknowledges that Mark was chosen as one of five ambassadors who best represents the country’s spirit of pioneering innovation because of his contributions to the energy sector; congratulates all of the Young Legend Award winners, and wishes them all the best with their future endeavours in energy, life science, creativity, technology and education. 

Supported by: Richard Lyle, Bill Kidd, Emma Harper, Miles Briggs, Sandra White, Stuart McMillan, Monica Lennon, David Torrance, Maureen Watt, Joan McAlpine, Kenneth Gibson, Gail Ross, Jenny Gilruth, Mark McDonald, Alexander Burnett, Tom Arthur, Clare Adamson, Angela Constance, Gillian Martin, Stewart Stevenson

Hannah Frank, Glasgow Girl, 110th Birthday Exhibition

That the Parliament celebrates the life and work of the late Glasgow artist, Hannah Frank; notes that the artist studied at the Glasgow School of Art and University of Glasgow in the 1920s and 1930s and is recognised as a key figure in the Art Nouveau, Glasgow Style movement; recognises that her work has been exhibited in the Royal Scottish Academy, Royal Academy and Royal Glasgow Institute; commends the students who have organised an exhibition in commemoration of the artist's 110th birthday in the University of Glasgow memorial chapel; understands that, following the official opening on 19 November 2018, the exhibition will run until 6 February 2019 and feature a selection of original drawings, prints and sculptures from the artist, as well as creative workshops, guest speakers and weekly open tours; welcomes the efforts that have been made in partnership with Visibility Glasgow to ensure that the exhibition is accessible to people with impaired vision; appreciates that the students have worked closely with the artist's niece, Fiona Frank, and the Scottish Council of Jewish Communities, and encourages the public to come along to the exhibition and participate in the celebration of Hannah Frank's life and work.

Supported by: Sandra White, Stuart McMillan, Richard Lyle, Rona Mackay, Bob Doris, John Mason, Bill Kidd, Joan McAlpine, Kenneth Gibson, Stewart Stevenson, David Torrance, Jenny Gilruth, Fulton MacGregor, Gail Ross, Maureen Watt, Angela Constance, Gillian Martin, Clare Adamson, Tom Arthur

East Kilbride and Santiago, Nae Pasaran!

That the Parliament notes that Nae Pasaran! won Best Film at the 2018 Scottish BAFTAs; further notes that the film tells the previously little-known story of Bob Fulton, Robert Somerville, Stuart Barrie, John Keenan and their fellow workers at the Rolls Royce factory in East Kilbride who defied the regime of the dictator, General Pinochet, in Chile by refusing to repair engines from Chilean Airforce planes; recognises the dedication, commitment and skill of Producer and Director, Felipe Bustos Sierra, in recording this piece of industrial history and international solidarity between Scotland and Chile, through meticulous research in both countries and by public fundraising to complete the full-length feature after the success of the short documentary; congratulates all those who were involved in ensuring that this film was made, and looks forward to viewing the future work of Felipe Bustos Sierra.

Supported by: Neil Findlay, Stuart McMillan, Angus MacDonald, Richard Lyle, Sandra White, Rona Mackay, Joan McAlpine, Annabelle Ewing, Emma Harper, Monica Lennon, David Torrance, Bill Kidd, Bob Doris, John Mason, Fulton MacGregor, Gil Paterson, Jenny Gilruth, Tom Arthur, Angela Constance, Ruth Maguire, Gillian Martin

East Kilbride’s Isabel McCue MBE, An Outstanding Woman of Scotland

That the Parliament congratulates Isabel McCue MBE, a resident of East Kilbride and inductee of the esteemed Saltire Society "Outstanding Women of Scotland" community, which was established to celebrate the achievements of women in Scotland and their contribution to society; praises Isabel’s tireless efforts and campaigning over many years in establishing and managing Theatre Nemo, which supports people with mental health issues, giving them a voice through drama, music and the arts, while supporting family and friends, and wishes Isabel, and Theatre Nemo, continued success.

Supported by: Joan McAlpine, Emma Harper, Bill Kidd, David Torrance, Richard Lyle, Stuart McMillan, Rona Mackay, Stewart Stevenson, Kenneth Gibson, Sandra White, Alexander Burnett, Ruth Maguire, Jenny Gilruth, Fulton MacGregor, Angela Constance, Maureen Watt, Angus MacDonald, Tom Arthur, Gillian Martin

East Kilbride Gains More Gold

That the Parliament congratulates St Kenneth's Primary School and Duncanrig High School, both in East Kilbride, on attaining the sportscotland Gold School Sport Award; understands that the national lottery-funded accolade encourages schools to improve physical education by engaging young people in the decision-making and planning of PE and sport activities in their schools, while increasing their opportunities; encourages schools to self-reflect and improve on their PE and sport techniques by putting them at the heart of their planning, practise and ethos; applauds all teachers, pupils and volunteers involved in both schools for their hard work in earning this award, and wishes them all the best for future success.

Supported by: Sandra White, Edward Mountain, Stewart Stevenson, Richard Lyle, Colin Beattie, Jenny Gilruth, Bill Kidd, Alexander Burnett, Monica Lennon, Gillian Martin, Fulton MacGregor, Tom Arthur, Ruth Maguire, Maureen Watt

East Kilbride Workers said "Nae Pasaran!"

That the Parliament understands that, following a successful premiere at the Glasgow Film Festival in March 2018 and excellent reviews from critics and the public, Nae Pasaran! has had its full cinematic release to coincide with the 45th anniversary of its subject, the Chilean military coup of 11 September 1973, which began General Pinochet’s regime of terror; commends the director and filmmaker, Felipe Bustos Sierra, and his production team, on their relentless commitment in bringing to light the story of Rolls-Royce engineers in East Kilbride who, in 1974, showed their support for the people of Chile by refusing to repair jet engines for the Chilean air force; recognises the determination of the film’s main characters, the engineers, Bob Fulton, Robert Somerville, John Keenan and Stuart Barrie, and all of the others who took part in the boycott, to stand against fascism in defence of the democratic rights of the Chilean people, and considers the film to be a depiction of a remarkable piece of Scotland’s industrial history, which illustrates an admirable act of solidarity between Scottish workers and the Chilean people.

Supported by: Joan McAlpine, Monica Lennon, Sandra White, Bill Kidd, Stuart McMillan, Richard Lyle, Angela Constance, Elaine Smith, David Torrance, Fulton MacGregor, Jenny Gilruth, Tom Arthur, Graham Simpson, Neil Findlay, John Finnie, Pauline McNeill, Willie Coffey, Liam McArthur, Alex Cole-Hamilton, Tavish Scott, Maureen Watt

Current Status: Taken in the Chamber on 13/09/2018
The UN Declaration on Human Rights Defenders and Peace Brigades International

That the Parliament notes that 2018 marks the 20th anniversary of the UN Declaration on the Right and Responsibility of Individuals, Groups and Organs of Society to Promote and Protect Universally Recognized Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, which is generally referred to as the Declaration on Human Rights Defenders; notes what it sees as the important work that Peace Brigades International (PBI) does to protect organisations, communities and human rights defenders who might be at risk as they provide life-saving support in some of the most dangerous countries in the world; notes that trained PBI field volunteers are currently providing protection to human rights defenders in Central and South America, East Africa and East Asia; acknowledges that PBI International promotes nonviolence and protection of human rights, based on the principles of non-partisanship and non-interference in the internal affairs of the organisations that they accompany; understands that it does so in the belief that lasting transformation of conflicts cannot be imposed from the outside and must be based on the capacity and desires of local people; recognises the principles of the UN declaration, and praises the commitment of the people who work to uphold these.

Supported by: James Dornan, Joan McAlpine, Sandra White, Bill Kidd, Rona Mackay, Stuart McMillan, Richard Lyle, Angela Constance, John Mason, Kenneth Gibson, Fulton MacGregor, Jenny Gilruth, Tom Arthur, Gillian Martin, John Finnie, Maureen Watt

Current Status: Fallen on 28/11/2018
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