Official Report Publication Schedule

Chamber Official Reports

The draft Official Report is updated throughout the afternoon on business days.

The draft Official Report of the entire meeting is available around three hours after business in the chamber finishes.

Committee Official Reports

You can also find Official Reports by date   

Meeting Date of meeting Web publication
Meeting of Parliament 19-Jun-18 19-Jun-18
Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform Committee 19-Jun-18 19-Jun-18
Delegated Powers and Law Reform Committee 19-Jun-18 19-Jun-18
Meeting of Parliament 20-Jun-18 20-Jun-18
Economy, Jobs and Fair Work Committee 19-Jun-18 20-Jun-18
Meeting of Parliament 21-Jun-18 21-Jun-18
Justice Committee 19-Jun-18 21-Jun-18
Rural Economy and Connectivity Committee 20-Jun-18 22-Jun-18
Local Government and Communities Committee 20-Jun-18 22-Jun-18
Education and Skills Committee 20-Jun-18 22-Jun-18
Equalities and Human Rights Committee 21-Jun-18 22-Jun-18
Public Audit and Post-legislative Scrutiny Committee 21-Jun-18 22-Jun-18
Standards, Procedures and Public Appointments Committee 21-Jun-18 25-Jun-18
Social Security Committee 21-Jun-18 25-Jun-18
Justice Sub-Committee on Policing 21-Jun-18 25-Jun-18
Pow of Inchaffray Drainage Commission (Scotland) Bill Committee 20-Jun-18 25-Jun-18
Scottish Commission for Public Audit 20-Jun-18 25-Jun-18
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