Scottish Commission for Public Audit

The Scottish Commission for Public Audit is not formally a parliamentary committee. The Commission was established under Section 12 of the Public Finance and Accountability (Scotland) Act 2000 and is made up of 5 MSPs.

The main areas of responsibility of the Commission are to:

(a) examine Audit Scotland's proposals for the use of resources and expenditure and report on them to the Parliament;

(b) appoint a qualified person to audit the accounts of Audit Scotland;

(c) lay before the Parliament and publish a copy of Audit Scotland’s accounts and the auditor's report on them;

(d) appoint three of the five members of Audit Scotland on such terms and conditions as the SCPA determines

(e) appoint one of these three members to preside at meetings of Audit Scotland.


The Commission received the following correspondence from Audit Scotland.


SCPA Reports


The Commission has published the following reports in Session 5:


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    Contact the Scottish Commission for Public Audit

    Secretary: Stephen Herbert  


    0131 348 6526


    Colin Beattie Colin Beattie


    John Lamont  John Lamont
      (Deputy Chair)


    Alison Johnstone  Alison Johnstone


    Rona Mackay  Rona Mackay


    Jenny Marra  Jenny Marra