Academic Engagement in the Scottish Parliament

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Scotland has world class research, knowledge and expertise in its universities and academia. Tapping into academic expertise is particularly important to the Scottish Parliament at this point in time with the implementation of the Calman powers and the new powers associated with the Scotland Bill. Taxation, borrowing and welfare powers are areas of particular challenge but, more generally, there will be an ever more complex interplay between reserved and devolved matters, creating new challenges in policy analysis and communication. Better access to academic expertise can help with these challenges. 

The Scottish Parliament Information Centre (SPICe) is the internal parliamentary research service for Members of the Scottish Parliament. SPICe relies on access to expert information and this is gleaned from many sources, including academic expertise. 

SPICe is building on existing engagement practices to allow Parliament to better understand what is happening in academia (and vice versa). This will help to strengthen links with Scotland's universities and other professional bodies - with the aim of improving the service we provide to our Members.

 Further information:

Academic engagement in the Scottish Parliament

Scottish Parliament Academic Fellowship Scheme

The Scottish Parliament invites bids to its academic fellowship scheme. It enables academics to work in Holyrood on projects related to parliamentary business

Student Placements

SPICe hosts a number of PhD student placements each year. Students produce briefings on topics related to parliamentary business.

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