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    Further improvements
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    We're pleased to announce further improvements to the Business Bulletin.

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    Further improvements
    to Business Bulletin

  • Scottish Parliament committee room

    Committee remits and names amended

    Four committees have changed their names to reflect their new wider remits today. They are:

    • Finance and Constitution Committee
    • Public Audit and Post-legislative Scrutiny Committee
    • Culture, Tourism, Europe and External Relations Committee
    • Equalities and Human Rights Committee

    Find out more about the committees


    Committee remits and names amended

  • the making of a Bill

    Current Bills

    Proposals for new laws are introduced in the Parliament as Bills

    Follow new and ongoing Bills as they progress through Parliament.

    Current Bills


    Current Bills

  • The Debating Chamber

    How it all happens

    How the Parliament Works

    Read about how MSPs are elected, how committees work and how the Scottish Parliament makes laws.

    Find out more


    How it all happens

Parliamentary Business

 Clock face

Business Bulletin

The Business Bulletin is published each morning when the Parliament is in session. It includes details of current, future and past business of the Parliament.

Reporters in booth

Official Report

The Official Report is the full and authoritative written report of proceedings in the Scottish Parliament and its committees.

Committee meeting


Committees play a central role in the work of the Parliament, including taking evidence from witnesses, scrutinising legislation and conducting inquiries.

The Graduate Endowment Abolition Bill and Mace


Bills are draft laws that can be introduced by a member of the Scottish Government, a parliamentary committee, or an individual member of Parliament.

The Parliament's Mace

The Chamber

The Debating Chamber is used for full meetings of the Members of the Scottish Parliament, including First Minister's Questions.

Paper with question marks

Motions, Questions and Answers

Parliamentary questions can be asked by any MSP to the Scottish Government or the Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body. Motions are used by MSPs as a device to initiate debate or propose a course of action.

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Latest Publications

Access or download the latest Scottish Parliament’s business publications.

Table from SPICe Briefing

Research Briefings and Fact Sheets

Research briefings are written by research specialists in the Scottish Parliament Information Centre (SPICe). They are used by MSPs to support parliamentary business.

The carved Scottish Royal Arms which is located at the public entrance to the Scottish Parliament in the Main Hall.

Parliamentary Bureau

The Parliamentary Bureau's role includes proposing and amending the Parliament’s business programme, and establishing the remit and membership of committees.

Standing Orders of the Scottish Parliament

Parliamentary Procedure

The Parliament's procedures are primarily governed by the Standing Orders. These Rules are revised from time to time.

The Canongate Building

Recess Dates 2016 and 2017

Recess is a period when the Parliament is not dissolved, but is not meeting for a particular length of time. Find out the dates of forthcoming periods of recess.

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Weekly eBulletin

Keep up to date with what's happening at the Parliament with our free, weekly eBulletin.