Health & Safety and Accessibility Information

Accessibility Requirements

Holyrood has been designed with disability access issues fully in mind and we have a number of services to enable you to visit. If you have any specific access requirements in relation to your visit, please contact the Media Relations Office.

Smoking Policy

The Scottish Parliament is a no smoking premises. It is an offence to smoke or knowingly to permit smoking in these premises. Please note: smoking e-cigarettes is also prohibited in the building. If you observe someone smoking here, a complaint may be made to the Facilities Management Helpdesk on 0131 348 5100.

Accident Reporting

If you witness or are involved in an accident whilst on the Parliamentary complex please contact the Media Relations Office.

Fire Evacuation Procedures

The Scottish Parliament uses a system of voice messages for transmitting Fire Alert/Evacuation messages over the public address system. Should you require assistance in the case of an emergency evacuation please advise us in advance. We will then prepare a Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP) with you.  The plan will ensure that you and the appropriate staff are aware of what assistance you will require in the case of an emergency evacuation.

If you are required to evacuate the building the following voice message will be transmitted: "Attention please. Attention please. Fire has been reported in the [zone location] of the building. Please leave the area immediately. Do not use the lifts.”

On Discovering a Fire


  • Operate the nearest fire alarm control point by breaking the glass.
  • Only if safe to do so, extinguish the fire using the appropriate fire extinguisher.

Follow the actions below after hearing the fire alarm

Once the alarm has sounded immediately:

  • If safe to do so, close all doors and windows in your immediate vicinity.
  • Leave the building using the nearest safe exit - do not stop or return to collect personal belongings.
  • Make your way to the nearest Fire Evacuation Assembly Point. Members of the media assemble at Assembly Point 3 – Horse Wynd
  • Do not delay your own evacuation or put yourself at risk in order to facilitate the evacuation of others, but report any concerns to the Fire Evacuation Assembly Point Controller (identified by the high-visibility vests).
  • Only re-enter the building via the main entrance when instructed it is safe to do so.

It is the responsibility of each individual to make themselves aware of their nearest alarm call point, the route of the fire escape and the designated Fire Evacuation Assembly Points.

The onus is on each individual to ensure that they respond to the fire evacuation call immediately.

This material can be made available in a range of other formats and languages on request by calling the Media Relations Office.