Media Accreditation

Journalists and other media personnel whose work requires access to the Scottish Parliament may apply for media accreditation.

There are two options for accreditation to the Scottish Parliament.

  • Full media accreditation for regular access to the Parliamentary complex.
  • Media day-pass accreditation which allows access on a pre-arranged date to attend a specific event.

If you require regular access to the Parliament you should apply for full media accreditation.  The media day-pass system allows occasional media access to the parliamentary complex to report on items of parliamentary business or a specific event.

Freelance media who require accreditation are required to demonstrate that their work is likely to be used by a news organisation. As such, a supporting signature of an Editor / Head of News / Pictures Editor / or equivalent will be required when applying for accreditation.

Media Policy

Policy relating to programme making, broadcasting, filming and news conferences for external groups; and filming and recording by Members

Need more help?

To enquire further on how to apply for full or day accreditation, contact:

Media Relations Office