Constituency Maps

Map of Scotland with Mid Scotland and Fife region highlighted


Everyone in Scotland is represented by eight MSPs: One for their constituency and seven for the larger region in which they live.  You can use the MSP Finder tool to discover who your representatives are, and how to contact them, by entering your postcode or street name. 

You can also see how the parliament has engaged with your local community by selecting one of the following subjects

  • Parliamentary Business
  • Visits and Events
  • Schools and Outreach
  • Parliament Days

Icons showing the locations of visits will be displayed on the map, or in an information panel.  

The slideshow below offers a brief introduction to how the tool works. 

How to use the MSP Finder tool

  • Postcode being entered into MSP Finder tool
    1. Enter a postcode into the search box

    You can enter a postcode into the search box to search for constituency and regional MSPs.  As you type, options will appear in a list below. 

    You can also choose to search using your current location.

  • Street name in search box
    2. Or use a street name to search

    You can also enter the name of street name into the search box.  As with a postcode, this will automatically give you a list of streets to choose from.

  • List of constituency and regional members for each constituency
    3. After you enter your postcode or street name

    When you enter a postcode or street name, you will be taken to the relevant constituency on the map, where constituency and regional MSPs will be listed.

    Everyone in Scotland is represented by eight MSPs: one for their constituency and seven for the larger region in which they live. 

  • Help box
    4. What to do if your postcode or street name isn't found

    Sometimes a street name or postcode can't be found. If this happens, a Help box will open offering other options.

  • MSP details
    5. MSP contact details

    Click on the 'More Info' link to find contact details for Members of Parliament.

    For issues that are dealt with by the Scottish Parliament, each constituent can decide which of their eight MSPs they would prefer to contact. For example, a constituent may wish to contact an MSP from a particular party or one whom they have heard of locally.

  • List of parliamentary information
    6. Further Information tab

    The Further Information tab allows you to display details on the map of different ways in which the Scottish Parliament has interacted with constituencies.  Click on the tab to display the list of subjects. 

  • School visits icons
    7. Information icons

    You can turn on the Further Information sliders to show information relating to Parliamentary Business, Visits and Events, Schools and Outreach, and Parliament Days. Icons will appear on the map showing where the visits took place, as shown above. 

  • Pop-up window on MSP Finder showing details of visit
    8. Click on the icon

    When you click on the icon, further information will appear in a pop-up window.  

  • Information panel
    9. Information panel

    Clicking on the icons in the right-hand panel will show more information about a constituency, even when it doesn't have a specific location on the map.  

    For example, a committee visit which covered a number of different places.



  • Constituencies shown by party
    10. Constituencies by party

    Choosing the Constituency Party Colours slider displays parliamentary constituencies according to the political party of the constituency MSP. 

    A key in the left-hand panel shows the colours of the different parties. 

  • List of regions
    11. List of regions

    If you don't want to use the search option, you can navigate by using the list of regions.  Click on a region to display it on the map and list the constituencies it contains.

  • List of constituencies
    12. List of constituencies

    When you click on a name in the left-hand panel, you will be taken to the constituency on the map.  The constituency will be shown in dark purple with the region a lighter shade. 

    You can use the + or - buttons to zoom in or out. 

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