Commercial Sexual Exploitation

Purpose of the group

  1. We understand CSE to be a function of gender inequality, and a form of gender-based violence. We work to the Scottish Government’s National Violence Against Women and Girls Approach, Equally Safe, and their definition of Violence Against Women, which includes prostitution, pornography, trafficking, lap-dancing, stripping, pole-dancing and table-dancing as forms of commercial sexual exploitation. We believe that these activities have been shown to be harmful for individuals involved and can have a negative impact on the position of all women through the objectification of women’s bodies. It is essential to separate sexual activity from exploitative sexual activity. 
  2. We promote the pursuit of legislation which prevents and challenges demand for commercial sexual exploitation.
  3. Therefore, we support a change in the current legislative balance of criminalisation, from prosecuting/penalising/criminalising those individuals who have been exploited in prostitution towards a challenge demand approach: penalising those who create the demand (purchasers).
  4. We believe the law should support those involved in selling sexual activity in exiting/planning to exit prostitution.

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