Purpose of the group

To meet and discuss issues relevant to M.E.

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Group Officers

Group Members

Non MSP Individuals

Adrienne Rifkind

Alison Dunsire

Andrew Gardner

Ann McKenna

Anna Wood

Anthony Sneider

Bob and Betty McRae

Cait Ni Cadlaig

Carlo Beuger

Carole Carrick

Catherine Lewis Meickle

Connie Nelson

Craig Bell

David Dall Agnes


Denis Turner

Norma Turner

Doris Evian

Dot Tritschler

Dr David Mason Brown

Dr Gregor Purdie

Dr Marilyn McNeill

Elenor Anderson

Elizabeth Moncrieff

Elizabeth Whitton

Ewan Dale

Gillian Gillies

Helen Brownlie

Helen Smith

Helen McDade

lain Lee

Ian Campbell

J and S Campbell

Jane Giakoumakis

Janet Graham

Janice Fletcher

Jeff Begg

Jeff Siadden

John McNeill

Jo Bluett

Joan Kerr

John Breward

John Greaves

Katrina Allen

Kaye Thorburn

Robert Kirkpatrick

Lesley Alexander

Linda Dunn

Liz Blackadder

Lorraine Murray

M Rennie

Professor Malcolm Hooper

Margaret Williams

Marion Thomson

Martin Leckie

Miranda Brackebury


Macdonald Nick Stroud

Sir Peter Spencer

Peter Strain

Robert Frederick

Shona Sinclair

Carolyn Innes

Susan Webster

Susie Warden

Dr Vance Spence

Will Scott

William Tipping

Yvonne Smith

Martin Victory

Zoe Caddow


Action for M.E.

M.E. Research UK,

M.E. Association

25% Group

Scottish Government Health Directorates

Several local M.E. groups

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Tel: 0131 667 8527