The glossary provides definitions for parliamentary terms to help you understand the Parliament and how it works.  The terms are arranged alphabetically so select a letter to find the term you would like to have explained.


Implementation Unit

The unit with responsibility for co-ordinating the projects associated with the move to the Holyrood building and ensuring that systems and procedures are properly tested. The unit will be disbanded once the migration is complete.

Infrastructure and Capital Investment Committee

A subject committee of the Parliament, of 7 members, the remit of which is to consider and report on infrastructure, capital investment, transport, housing, and other matters falling within the responsibility of the Cabinet Secretary for Investment and Cities apart from those covered by the remit of the Local Government and Regeneration Committee.


See statutory instrument or Scottish statutory instrument.

Internal Audit

The Head of Internal Audit has responsibility for providing the Clerk/Chief Executive, the Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body and Audit Advisory Board with independent assurance on the adequacy and effectiveness of internal control processes, including the management of risk, in operation throughout the Parliament.

international obligations

As used in the Scotland Act 1998, a statutory term to denote any such obligation of the UK, other than those relating to Community law or Convention rights. This relates to the competence of the Parliament and of the Scottish Executive, and in particular to the intervention powers of the Secretary of State under section 35 and section 58.

intra vires

A decision or action which is within the lawful powers of a person or body.

introduction (of a bill)

When a signed copy of a bill is lodged with the clerks together with any required accompanying documents.