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As the UK is poised on the brink of leaving the EU and given 2020 is the 700th Anniversary of the Declaration of Arbroath, surely it is now incumbent on the Scottish Parliament to consider the important issue of a need for a codified written constitution for the people of Scotland that are not subject to the whims of Westminster Government Parliamentarians, or interpretations of common law and historical precedents.

As the debates surrounding the departure from the EU and the call for an Independent Scotland gather momentum, it is evident that being part of a disparate UK is not a viable or sustainable prospect.  The concept of “United” is now considered by many not to be applicable.  

A divisive Brexit campaign, which has split communities throughout Britain/Northern Ireland and has fragmented beyond repair any notion of a United Kingdom.

The UK faces seismic societal and economic change, the need for clarity on Constitutional Rights for each citizen in those component countries in the UK should now be pursued, particularly within the Scottish Parliament, as it has reserved powers on Law and Home Affairs.   This would be in the best interests of the people of Scotland and should be a core tenet of any legislative document commissioned on behalf of the Scottish nation.

It would be essential for all residents of Scotland to have an enshrined Bill of Rights, in a codified written constitution that would underpin a diverse unified society which is based on fundamental democratic principles; be wholly inclusive, non-prejudicial nor have bias against any individual citizen.

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