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Previous Action

Elaine Smith MSP 17/11/2010 Patient Rights (Scotland) Bill: Stage 1. During this debate Elaine quotes:

'Dr Anthony Toft, a world-renowned and highly respected Scottish endocrinologist, believes that it is of prime importance that GPs consider how patients present, rather than simply accepting the results of blood tests. He suggests that doctors should take a whole-picture approach that takes into consideration all the patient's symptoms and does not rely totally on tests. That is important in the case of a lack of T3. In such a circumstance, the tests show that the T4 is fine, and the GP will insist that there is nothing wrong with the patient's thyroid function when, in fact, they are gravely ill and is getting progressively worse'.

Because Dr Toft’s opinion supported our argument, it prompted us to contact Elaine Smith MSP to arrange a meeting which took place 27/03/2012. Elaine Smith MSP mentioned that she will focus on the thyroid disorders within the Patients’ Rights Bill.

Scottish Parliament Meeting 27/03/2012 Sandra Whyte met with Elaine Smith MSP. Representatives from Thyroid Patient Advocacy, invited by the petitioners, were in attendance. Margaret McGregor (Thyroid UK) and Brian Cooney were also present. Sandra suggested that this lack of acknowledgement, testing and treatment regarding the T4-T3 conversion problem by medical professionals is against our Human Rights. Elaine asked Brian Cooney to investigate. Elaine made it clear she wanted to take this debate further and suggested we have a further meeting. She also suggested we submit a petition. Sandra agreed to do this as she and Marian had already instigated action on this subject in Scotland.

To highlight that this is not just a Scottish problem, we contacted ‘Thyroid Change’ a World Movement to effect positive change in the outdated, ineffective and, frequently, dangerous adherence to the T4-only policy. It has members from 125 different countries and they fully support and endorse this petition.

2/8/12 Meeting with James Dornan MSP’s assistant. Lorraine Cleaver met with Stewart McDonald to discuss the problems thyroid patients have obtaining appropriate medication and was advised to submit a petition to the Scottish Parliament.

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