Parliament Days

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Launched in Nov 2012, the Parliament Day initiative was all about taking the Parliament out of Edinburgh and into communities across Scotland. 

Parliament Days allowed people to see the Parliament at work – both official parliamentary business such as committee meetings, or on a less formal level, such as public receptions which allow people to meet with their MSPs. Eleven Parliament Days have been held across Scotland from Orkney to Hawick, and from Stornoway to Arbroath. Since September 2014, Parliament Days have been held in Methilhill in Fife, Easterhouse in Glasgow and in Craigmillar in Edinburgh. 

The Parliament Day programme was at the heart of the outreach and engagement efforts for the Parliament’s fourth session. Parliament Days provided an opportunity for people to meet everyone involved with the Parliament: Members, the Presiding Officer and parliamentary officials. The aim of Parliament Days across Scotland was to demonstrate that the Parliament belongs to everyone with the hope of inspiring local people to take an interest in and engage directly with their MSPs and the Parliament. Each Parliament Day involved a range of engagement activities, including:

• Formal meetings of parliamentary committees

• Informal evidence-gathering sessions by parliamentary committees

• Public meetings (including question-and-answer sessions) hosted by the Presiding Officer

• MSP sessions in local schools

• Engagement sessions specifically designed for young people

• Workshops aimed at developing the ability of community groups to engage effectively with the Parliament

• Networking receptions hosted by MSPs and parliamentary officials

• Visits by the Presiding Officer to community groups, social enterprises, local businesses and third sector organisations


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