Lobbying Register Working Group

Since October 2016, the Lobbying Register Team has been meeting with stakeholders and interested parties to get their views in relation to the practicalities of operating the Register. Building on this work, a Working Group was set up to help provide further information and assistance as the Act moved towards full implementation. The Group concluded its work in December 2017.

Terms of Reference and Person Specification

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Working Group Meetings

The Lobbying Register Working Group met most months until the end of 2017.

Read the Minutes of the 1st meeting - 6 June 2017 (32KB pdf)

Read the Minutes of the 2nd meeting - 23 June 2017 (108KB pdf)   

Read the Minutes of the 3rd meeting -  29 August 2017 (71KB pdf)

Read the Minutes of the 4th meeting - 3 October 2017 (89KB pdf)

Read the Minutes of the 5th meeting - 7 November 2017 (116KB pdf)

Read the Minutes of the 6th meeting - 5 December 2017 (199KB pdf)     


Working Group Members

The table below shows the membership of the Lobbying Register Working Group.

Read the biographies of the Working Group Members.

Position 1 (Third Sector - Membership Body) Jenny Bloomfield (SCVO)
Position 2 (Third Sector - Small Organisation) Gary Dunion (Friends of the Earth Scotland)
Position 3 (Third Sector - Medium or Large Organisation) Susan Lowes (Marie Curie)
Position 4 (Public Affairs - Membership Organisation) Phil Morgan (Chartered Institute of Public Relations)
Position 5 (Public Affairs - Small Company) Margaret Smith (Caledonia Public Affairs)
Position 6 (Public Affairs - Medium or Large Company) Matthew Revett (Grayling)
Position 7 (Business/Enterprise - Membership Organisation) Colin Borland (Federation of Small Businesses)
Position 8 (Business.Enterprise - Small Enterprise) Kirsty Peebles (Newsdirect and Biblichor Ltd.)
Position 9 (Business/Enterprise - Medium or Large Enterprise) Michelle Cullis (Scottish Power)
Position 10 (Transparency Promoter) Will Dinan (Stirling University)
Position 11 (Journalism)     Mandy Rhodes (Holyrood Magazine)
Position 12 (Legal Sector) Brian Simpson (Law Society of Scotland)