Lobbying Register Working Group

Since October 2016, the Lobbying register Team has been meeting with stakeholders and interested parties to get their views in relation to the practicalities of operating the Register. Building on this work, a Working Group is to be set up to help provide further information and assistance, as the Act moves towards full implementation early next year.

Please find below:

Applications are due to be returned by 12 noon on Wednesday 19 April.

Application Forms

Position One: Third Sector - Membership Body (61KB Word)

Position Two: Third Sector - Small Organisation (61KB Word)

Position Three: Third Sector - Medium or Large Organisation (61KB Word)

Position Four: Public Affairs/Consultancy - Membership Organisation (61KB Word)

Position Five: Public Affairs/Consultancy - Small Company (61KB Word)

Position Six: Public Affairs/Consultancy - Medium or Large Company (61KB Word)

Position Seven: Business/Enterprise - Membership Organisation (61KB Word)

Position Eight: Business/Enterprise - Small Enterprise (61KB Word)

Position Nine: Business/Enterprise - Medium or Large Enterprise (61KB Word)

Position Ten: Transparency Promoter (61KB Word)

Position Eleven: Journalism (61KB Word)

Position Twelve: Legal Sector (61KB)