National Library of Scotland Bill


National Library of Scotland Bill

The National Library of Scotland Bill was introduced to the Scottish Parliament on 26 October 2011. The Education and Culture Committee has been designated lead committee in consideration of the Bill at Stage 1 with a deadline of 16 March 2012 for completion of that Stage.

The main purposes of the bill are to:

  • Bring NLS’s governance arrangements, enacted in 1925, into line with those of many other public bodies.
  • Provide the basis to enable NLS to continue to evolve and realise its ambitions as a modern organisation.
  • Provide clarity as to the functions of NLS; update arrangements for the relationship with the Faculty of Advocates and its Library; set out the powers available to the NLS and in particular how it manages its collections through acquisitions, deposits, disposals and loans.
  • Recognise the importance of NLS and the national collections it holds on behalf of the people of Scotland.

For further information on the Bill and its accompanying documents, please see the National Library of Scotland Bill.


The Committee launched a call for written evidence on 15 November 2011.  The closing date for written submissions was Friday 20 January 2012.

The Committee will take oral evidence on the Bill in February 2012 and publish its report to the Parliament on the Bill’s general principles in early March.



The following submissions were received from:

The following correspondence was received by the Committee from Fiona Hyslop, Cabinet Secretary for Culture and External Affairs: