Section J: Progress of Legislation

For further information on the progress of Bills and subordinate legislation, contact either the relevant clerk or webpage.

Bills in Progress

    For each Bill, the date of the next (or most recent) event in the Bill’s passage is given. Other relevant information, e.g. about lodging amendments, is given in italics.

    As soon as a Public Bill (i.e. an Executive, Committee or Member’s Bill) has completed Stage 1, amendments for consideration at Stage 2 may be lodged; and as soon as Stage 2 is completed, amendments for Stage 3 consideration may be lodged. The last lodging day for amendments at Stage 2 is three sitting days before the meeting at which those amendments will be considered (e.g. Thursday for a meeting on Tuesday); at Stage 3 it is four days before. Amendments may be lodged until 4.30 pm on any sitting day, except on the last lodging day for Stage 2, when the deadline is 12 noon.

A Hybrid Bill is subject to the same rules except in the case of Stage 2 where amendments for consideration may be lodged no earlier than the completion of any consideration of evidence at Stage 2.

Amendments to Private Bills are subject to different deadlines. These are set out in Rule 9A.12 of Standing Orders.

Members are advised to lodge amendments in good time before the beginning of a Stage and as early as possible during the day.

(Ex) = Executive Bill; (M) = Member’s Bill; (C) = Committee Bill; (P) = Private Bill; (H) = Hybrid Bill


Subordinate legislation in progress
(date of laying) (Lead Committee)

The Subordinate Legislation Committee and the relevant lead committees considered and reported on the instruments set out below which were laid before dissolution in the previous session of the Parliament.

Negative Instruments

Subject to annulment by 3 June 2011

National Health Service Superannuation Scheme (Scotland) Amendment Regulations 2011 (SSI2011/173)
(7 March 2011) (Health and Sport)

Subject to annulment by 4 June 2011

Licensing (Food Hygiene Requirements) (Scotland) (No. 2) Order 2011 (SSI2011/177) (8 March 2011) (Justice)

Subject to annulment by 6 June 2011

Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005 (Consequential Provisions) Amendment Order 2011 (SSI 2011/187) (10 March 2011) (Justice)

Members should note that the deadline for the lead committee to report by is an administrative deadline. Lead committees normally report on negative instruments only after considering a motion recommending annulment of the instrument. Where Members have queries in relation to this deadline, they should contact the clerks to the Subordinate Legislation Committee.

Subject to annulment by 2 July 2011
Lead committee to report by 27 June 2011

Aquatic Animal Health (Scotland) Amendment Regulations 2011 (SSI2011/259) (24 May 2011) (Rural Affairs and Environment)