Housing and Planning

SB 11-56 Frequently Asked Questions: Factoring and maintenance of common property

4 August 2011
This briefing provides a general introduction to the law in relation to a variety of recurring topics, including how decisions about the maintenance of communal areas should be made etc.

SB 11-36 Homelessness: Subject Profile briefing

2 June 2011
This briefing provides an overview of legislation relating to homelessness, key statistics and policy issues, including how local authorities are progressing towards the 2012 target to abolish priority need.

SB 11-31 Housing: Subject Profile briefing

18 May 2011
This subject profile provides a general introduction to housing issues in Scotland. It describes the legislative and administrative framework relating to housing and summarises recent policy developments.

SB 11-30 Town and Country Planning in Scotland briefing

16 May 2011
This briefing provides an introduction to town and country planning in Scotland.

SB 11-22 Private Rented Housing (Scotland) Bill: Stage 3 briefing

The Stage 3 debate on the Private Rented Housing (Scotland) Bill is scheduled to take place on 17 March 2011. This briefing is intended to provide a summary of the main amendments to the Bill agreed during Stage 2.

SB 11-15 Property Factors (Scotland) Bill: Stage 3 briefing

This briefing considers some key recommendations made by the Local Government and Communities Committee in its stage 1 report, the response by the Member in charge of the Bill and the Scottish Government to those recommendations.

SB 11-03 Housing Benefit Changes– Implications for Scotland

This briefing provides an overview of the main changes proposed to housing benefit, and draws together information on the comment that has been made on the potential impact of the measures, particularly as they relate to Scotland.

Long Leases (Scotland) Bill briefing

The Bill was introduced in the Scottish Parliament on 10 November 2010. This briefing provides an introduction to the relevant law, an overview of the Bill’s proposals and a discussion of some of the key policy issues associated with the Bill.