Register of Interests

Member's Name: Elaine Murray

Contituency: Dumfriesshire

Date on which initial statement lodged: 01 June 2011

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Remuneration and Related Undertaking:

On 22 December 2006 I received a metal badge from Scottish Racing, a firm which operates at Ayr, Kelso, Musselburgh, Perth and Hamilton Park racecourses. The badge entitles the bearer to free admittance to any race meeting at the above race courses. I was unable to attend any of the events during 2007. I estimate the value of the badge to be between £501 and £1,000.

Overseas Visits:

I accepted an invitation from Stephen Rodan MHK, the Speaker of the House of Keys, Isle of Man, to attend the Tynwald Ceremony on 5 July 2011 as an official guest. A number of ancillary events were arranged for the official party around the date of the ceremony. Hospitality was organised by the Office of the Clerk of the Tynwald and consisted of 4 nights at the Regency Hotel, Douglas, meals and coach travel to various locations. My husband, Jeff Leaver, who also works for me part time as my researcher, also attended. Our air fares were paid personally and I estimate the value of the hotel room and hospitality for both of us to be around £1000. [Registered 7 July 2011]

Heritable Property:

Interest In Shares:

On 19 June 2006 I attended a fact-finding visit to the National Grid at Wokingham. The cost of the return flight to Heathrow (value £364.70), minibus transfer and subsistence (approximate value £35) was met by the National Grid.

My husband, Jeff Leaver, works part time as my researcher in my constituency office.

On 12 September 2008 I received two passes from Scottish Racing for the Betfair Scottish Racing fortnight. The approximate total value of the two passes is £300.

On 11 August 2009 I visited fish farms and a fish processing factory at the invitation of the Scottish Salmon Producers’ Organisation (SSPO). The SSPO organised accommodation at the Moorings Hotel in Fort William and a business dinner. My husband, who works part time as my researcher, also attended. The approximate total value of the accommodation, dinner and drinks for both of us is £240.

On 26 June 2010 I attended the British Pipe Bands Championship in Annan as a guest of Energy Solutions UK and Dumfries and Galloway Council. My husband also attended. I estimate that the approximate value of entry to the event, buffet and hospitality at the event and evening meal at Del Amitri, Annan to be £65 each, totalling £130.