Architecture And The Built Environment

Purpose of the group

To maintain a forum of MSPs and others to promote and further the economic, social, environmental and cultural contributions that architecture and the planned environment make to the quality of life of Scotland's citizens. Also, while acknowledging the responsibilities devolved to the Scottish Parliament, to sustain a dialogue on Scottish architecture, planning and built environment in the European and World contexts.

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Non MSP Individuals

Neil Baxter

Craig McLaren

Debbie Mays

Craig Stirrat

Bob Reid

Christopher Dingwall

Jack Hugh

Keith Irving

John Lawson

Allan Lundmark

Eugene Mullan

Miles Oglethorpe

Stephano Smith

Charles Strang

Marion Williams

Anne Crawford

Simon Gilmour

Pat Lally

Suzanne Mcintosh

Ann Packard

Harry Phillips

Dennis Rodwell

Roan Rutherford

Jim Sorrell

Veronica Burbridge

Douglas Reid

Alistair Scott




Historic Scotland


Living Streets Scotland

City of Edinburgh Council


Cockburn Association

Society of Antiquaries

Holmes Partnership

Austin Smith Lord

Smith Scott Mullan Associates

Dignan Reid Dewar

Sorrell Associates

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