Adult Survivors Of Childhood Sexual Abuse

Purpose of the group

The purpose of this Cross-Party Group is to establish a forum for debate, with an agreed specific programme of targets and action, on the issue of childhood sexual abuse, its long term effects and links with mental health problems, alcohol and drug abuse, physical abuse, domestic violence and homelessness. The group will ascertain the level of current service provision nationally, identify gaps in services and address funding issues. The group will consider the requirement for care pathways for survivors, as well as the need for joined up policies. The legal considerations surrounding childhood sexual abuse and those agencies over which the Executive have authority will be examined. We will monitor the work being carried out by the National Strategy for survivors of childhood sexual abuse, and seek to create greater public awareness and understanding of the issue, and combat the many myths that surround childhood sexual abuse, and its impact on society as a whole.

Forthcoming meetings

Next meeting: 21 February 2012

This meeting will be held at 12noon in Q1.04.

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Anne Macdonald

Lorna-Ann Deans

Sarah Nelson

Eric Swanepol

Carol Wilson

Andrew Campbell

George Winslow

James Evans


Open Secret

Kingdom Abuse Survivors Project

Moira Anderson Foundation

Children 1st

18 and Under


NHS Borders

Rape and Sexual Abuse Line, Dingwall


Borders Psychological Society

Stop it Now




NHS CAMHS Child and Adolescent Sexual Abuse Team

Say Women

Safe Space

Break the Silence

British Psychological Society

Crisis Counselling Services

Relationships Counselling

Relationships Scotland

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Next meeting:
21 February 2012


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