Chronic Pain

Purpose of the group

The aim of the Group is to raise awareness of how those with chronic pain are treated and to work for earlier and better care.

The Group aims to raise awareness of the condition amongst parliamentarians, to influence legislation and policy makers in order to improve the lives of people affected.

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Non MSP Individuals

Paul Alexander
Barry Allan
Ryan  Anderson
Susan Archibald
Dr. Rachel Atherton
Phil  Atkinson
Sandra Auld
Dr Jonathan Bannister
Janette Barrie
Dr Michael Basler
Marion Beatson
Doreen Bishop
Prof. Sir Michael  Bond
Karen Braithwaite
Judy Brannigan
Christian Bromfield
Iain Brotchie
Clifford Burden
Nick Butland
Helen Cadden
Sharon Campbell
Sarah Carter
Tracy Cassidy
Fiona Collie
Dr Lesley Colvin
Judith Corcoran
James Cowie
David Craig
Darren Cross
Wendy Davidson
Peggy Deane
Dr Maureen Deehan
Candice Dillen
Elizabeth Douglas
Tom Downie
Christine Drennan
Dr Martin Dunbar
Dorothy-Grace Elder
Cara Ewart
David Falconer
Prof. Marie Fallon
Graeme Fotheringham
Dr Stephen Gilbert
Alison Given
Gail Grant
Shelley Gray
Katy Green
Nancy Greig
Fiona Grierson
Claire Grieve
Kathleen Grieve
Michael  Grieve
Ross Grieve
Graham Hay
Anne  Hayward
Antoinette Hoffland
Ken Houston
Hilary Howatt
Sally Hughes
Dr Martin Johnson
Janice Johnson
Andrew and Ian Keen
Jacq Kelly
Gerald Lafferty
Pam Lanza
Kenryck Lloyd-Jones
Irene Logan
Victor Lopes
Andrea Ma
Elizabeth MacDonald
Prof Gary J MacFarlane
John Macgill
Fiona MacPherson
Charles Martin
Denis Martin
Iain McDonald
Ross McDonald
Prof James McEwen
Yvonne McEwen
Janet McFarlane
Margaret McLachlan
John McLennan
Michael McMenemy
Graham McWhirter
Ros Meek
Dr. Boyd Meiklejohn
Anne Murray
Prof. Catherine A Niven
John Norden
Pat Onions
Gwyneth Parker
Dr Ruhy Parris
Bill Paton
Catherine Plant
Geoffrey Podger
Prof Ian Power
Prof Morag Prowse
Paulo Quadros
Des Quinn
Judith Rafferty
Elinor Jayne
Katie Rigg
Andrew D. Ritchie
Dr. Patricia A. Roche
Karen Ross
Anne Ruglys
Dr Sabu James
Will Scott
Dr Michael  Serpell
Mairi Sharratt
Jane Shaw
Anne Simpson
Martin Simpson
Sandra Smith
Prof Blair Smith
Helen Smith
Dr. Anthony Sneider
Linda Sparks
Alexandra Stewart
Paul Stollard
Dr Ann Taylor
John Thomson
Diane Thomson
Angela Townsend
J Walker
Heather Wallace
Mike Walton
Jacquelyn Watson
Susan Webster
Lars Williams
Dr. John Wilson
Clive Woodward


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Algotec Ltd

Archibald Foundation


Arthritis Care

Astellas Pharma Ltd.

Back Care Lothian


BMI Healthcare

British Medical Association

British Psychological Society


Campaign MIS GLA

Carers Scotland

Chartered Society of Physiotherapy Scotland

Chronic Pain Policy Coalition (Policy Connect)

Core Therapy Support Group

COT (College of Occupational Therapists Ltd)

Derbyshire Chronic Pain


Fibromyalgia Association UK

Fibromyalgia Friends Scotland

Grunenthal Ltd

Health & Safety Executive

Healthcare Improvement Scotland

Holyrood Magazine

Intlife Pain & Well Being Management

Leonard Cheshire Disability


Marfan Association

Medtronic Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Morhamburn Ltd.

Napp Pharmaceuticals Ltd

National Osteoporosis Society

Need Scotland

Pain Association Scotland

Pain Concern

Pfizer Ltd


Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (PSP) Association


RCN Scotland

Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain

SALUS Occupational Health & Safety

Sanofi Pasteur MSD

Scleroderma Society

Scotland BPS

Scotlands Health Magazine

Scottish Chiropractic Association

Scottish Neurological Alliance

Shingles Support Society

South Glasgow & Greater Glasgow Back Pain Service

Southern General Hospital

Spinal Injuries Assoc

The Natural Therapy Centre

The Neuropathy Trust

Wigtownshire FM/ME Support Group


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