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UK and International Relations Office (IRO)

The IRO is responsible for co-ordinating visits to the Parliament from other legislatures, governments and international organisations. It also advises MSPs and Parliament staff on international issues, and supports the Scotland Branch of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association.

ultra vires

When something is outwith a person or body's lawful powers.

union of the Crowns

The term used to describe what happened in 1603 when James VI of Scotland became also James I of England.

union of the Parliaments

The term sometimes used to describe what happened in 1707 when the 2 countries of Scotland and England united to form the new united kingdom of Great Britain, under the Treaty of Union, approved by Acts of the 2 Parliaments. Both Parliaments ceased to exist on the establishment of the new Parliament of Great Britain.

United Kingdom (UK)

The state comprising Great Britain (Scotland, England and Wales) and Northern Ireland.