Liosta Briathrachais


tax-varying resolution

A resolution of the Parliament to change the basic rate of income tax for Scottish taxpayers by up to 3p, or to cancel any previous such resolution.

temporary convener

A member of a parliamentary committee which does not have a deputy convener, and who is chosen by that committee to carry out the functions of deputy convener.


A word sometimes used to describe the period in the parliamentary calendar between two recesses.

themed question; themed Question Time

See Question Time.

Time for Reflection

The period when an invited speaker addresses a meeting of the Parliament for up to 4 minutes.

Tower buildings

The Parliament buildings that provide office space for committee clerks, Scottish Executive Ministers and their staff.

Transport, Infrastructure and Climate Change Committee

A subject committee of the Parliament, of 8 members, the remit of the committee is to consider and report on (a) matters relating to transport and infrastructure falling within the remit of the Cabinet Secretary for Finance and Sustainable Growth and (b) matters relating to climate change falling within the remit of the Cabinet Secretary for Rural Affairs and the Environment.

Treaty of Union

The international treaty between the 2 independent kingdoms of Scotland and England which led to their union as the new state of Great Britain in 1707. The treaty was ratified by Acts of the two Parliaments (Acts of Union).