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Queen's Printer for Scotland (QPS)

The office established by section 92 of the Scotland Act 1998 to carry out certain printing and other functions (such as Crown copyright) in relation to Acts of the Scottish Parliament, subordinate legislation and other official material. The QPS also manages the licensing of Scottish Parliamentary copyright under the terms of an agreement with the Scottish Parliament. The QPS is a member of the staff of the Scottish Administration. Further information is available on the Office of the Queen’s Printer for Scotland website.

Queensberry House

A 17th century building within the Scottish Parliament complex that includes the offices of certain officials.


See parliamentary question. Also refers to the terminology used in making decisions, where the Presiding Officer (or convener of a committee) puts a question to the Chamber (or the committee).

Question Time

A period of up to 60 minutes each week when oral questions to ministers are taken in the Chamber.