Health and Safety: Policy

1. Health and safety at work is a priority for the Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body (SPCB) and an integral part of our culture and values. The SPCB has established a management system aimed at ensuring that building users and others who may be affected by our activities are not exposed to risks to their health and safety. There are clear personal and business benefits from good health and safety management, including fire safety, through avoiding or reducing injuries, ill health and absence as well as loss, damage and liabilities. Recognising that accidents and ill health may stem from organisational failings, the SPCB is committed to setting safety objectives as part of our overall business objectives and takes full management responsibility for controlling risks.

To this end the SPCB will:

  • provide the financial and human resources, including in–house health and safety advice, to ensure that we meet, and where possible go beyond, legal requirements;
  • provide and maintain a safe place of work and safe plant and equipment;
  • control workplace hazards by assessing risk and establishing risk control measures;
  • draw up an annual action plan to monitor and review the health and safety management system and performance and publish details in our annual report;
  • pursue continuous improvement in our health and safety performance;
  • provide high-quality information, instruction, training and supervision to encourage the adoption of best practice and progressive improvement;
  • ensure that SPCB staff, on-site employers and other stakeholders are aware of their legal duties and individual responsibilities in matters of health, safety and welfare and promote their co-operation;
  • involve and consult all stakeholders in the formation of policy and development of working practices.  

2. While the Clerk/Chief Executive has overall responsibility for health and safety compliance, all Assistant Clerk/Chief Executives have a collective responsibility to:

  • ensure health and safety is considered in all strategic decisions,
  • monitor the implementation of the health and safety management system and periodically review it to ensure it is fit for purpose in all spheres of operation.

3. The health and safety management system has the full support of the SPCB and the Parliament’s senior managers, but it is dependent on the support of all stakeholders to ensure its success.