The Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body and senior management of the Parliament are fully committed to tackling discrimination and promoting equality of opportunity. This means that everyone is given the same chances and opportunities to participate in the activities of the Parliament and are treated fairly: with dignity and respect. In doing so it recognises that equality is not about treating everyone in the same way, that there are different needs to be met and different backgrounds and circumstances to be considered. With this aim in mind the SPCB has created these equality pages to demonstrate its overall commitment to equality. 

Find out about how our organisation aims to and is building equalities into the everyday work of the Parliament, and also how you can have the opportunity to comment on our equality work and plans.
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Equality Framework foreword

The Framework includes the SPCB's Equality Strategy, our action plan for moving equality forward in the organisation over the next few years, and a report on how we developed our Framework.

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Equality Schemes

Information on the SPCB's Equality Schemes

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If you have any comments, suggestions or questions relating to equality issues, please get in touch with the Equalities Manager.

Tel (HR Enquiry Service): 86500 (Calls via Text Relay welcome)
Fax: 86639