Frequently Asked Questions

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  • When can I apply for the apprenticeships?

    The opportunities went live on on Monday 15 May and closed on Sunday 4 June, We're now reviewing all of the applications we received.  If you missed out this time we'll be advertising more opportunities in the future.

  • Will you be advertising another round of apprenticeships in the future?

    Yes. If you are too young to apply for this round, we’ll be advertising again in 2018, so look out for us! 

  • Why are you targeting 16 - 24 year olds?

    We want to play our part in increasing youth employment and raise the number of young people who work here, since only 1% of our staff are under 24 (whereas 66% are over 40). This also reflects the Scottish Government’s youth employment strategy.

  • Is there a justification for this?

    Yes, we can justify restricting the age range since we’re pursuing a legitimate aim in a proportionate way.

    Our aim is legitimate because it’s reflected in the Scottish Government’s youth employment strategy, and our duty and desire as a public-sector organisation to support this programme.  The way that we’re doing this is proportionate because only this apprenticeship programme targets a specific age group.  These opportunities are different from other jobs because they’re designed to provide work-based training and education and are time-limited to cover the training period.   All other jobs that we recruit to are open to any age groups.

  • What if I'm over 24?

    The Apprenticeship Programme is just the start of a process where we’ll be looking to introduce initiatives for others. You’re also welcome to consider applying for any other vacancies and we’ve opportunities advertised on our jobs pages just now.

  • I left school without finishing my standard grades, can I still apply?

    Of course you can! 

    We’re looking for talented young people who are motivated and have a strong willingness to learn in the workplace.  We’ll consider your potential for meeting the required standards if you are invited to the assessment day. 

  • Can I apply if I already have an SVQ or equivalent qualification?

    We’re offering qualifications at SVQ Level 3 or equivalent, each relevant to the specific apprenticeship.  At this time, we’re not able to support apprentices to obtain qualifications above this level, so if you already have a qualification at the level we’re offering (or higher), then unfortunately you wouldn’t be eligible to apply. 

    If you already have a qualification at the same level or higher we hope you'll still think about other opportunities to work with us and vacancies are posted on our jobs pages.   The Apprenticeship Programme is just the start of a process where we’ll be looking to introduce initiatives for others.  

  • I was thinking of moving to Edinburgh to go to college. Even with a part time job the cost of moving is too expensive. This looks like a good alternative. Will you offer financial support to help me move?


    We’re an inclusive employer and understand the financial challenges this may bring to some young people.  To ensure our Programme is open to everyone aged between 16 and 24 who live in Scotland we will offer you an advance of your pay to help with the cost of coming to work with us. 

  • What happens if I finish my SVQ sooner than expected?

    Well done! Achieve this and you'll continue in your contract for the rest of the year.  If you're assessed as "job ready" there is the potential to go for temporary or permanent jobs at a higher level


  • I have a disability, what support can you offer me?

    We know that some people need practical adjustments, support or guidance and we have things in place here to help. We will provide you with the necessary support to make sure you can do your job well.

    You might be interested to know that over 10% of our people have told us that they have a disability and this is significantly higher than other public sector employers in Scotland. 

    We’re very proud of the diversity of our workforce and the benefits this brings to serving the people of Scotland.

  • Do I apply online?

    We would encourage you to apply online, but you can apply in any other format.  Please contact us and let us know what would work for you.

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