Leadership Group

Group: Leadership Group

The current practice for the Leadership Group is:

  • Consult with the Equalities Manager, where appropriate, on any key issues or concerns relating to equality, discrimination or harassment in order to remove any barriers which impede a protected equality group or individual. (Heads of Group and AC/CEs)
  • Consider the equality implications in the development of the Leadership Group portfolio. (Leadership Group and Project and Best Value Manager)



Aligned Outcome

Equality Objective

Measure of Success

Who is responsible

Target Completion Date


Outcome 6

Check equality impact assessments (EQIAs) are being appropriately carried out for all relevant SPCB and LG papers, all projects and Project Initiation Documents (PIDs).

EQIAs are being carried out for all papers, projects and PIDs.

Heads of Group



Outcome 6

Ensure group or project planning takes account of all resources (including budget, staffing etc) for any activities relating to the promotion of equality in line with SPCB legal duties to proactively promote equality across all protected areas and to make reasonable adjustments for disabled people.

All equality considerations are budgeted for as part of any operational planning and projects as necessary.

Heads of Group

Group planning – June 2011(budget cycle) and then annually

Project planning – ongoing as necessary


Outcome 6

Heads of Group to incorporate equality objectives into operational plans and record progress through operational plan monitoring.

All equality objectives included in operational plans and progress is monitored through these processes.

Heads of Group

Ongoing in line with operational planning cycle.


Outcome 6

Conduct equality impact assessments (EQIAs) for all office  reviews being taken forward as part of the Change Management Programme.

All reviews have had an EQIA carried out and any impacts identified are addressed.

Heads of Group

Ongoing until end of reviews in 2012


Outcome 6

AC/CEs to review and monitor equality objectives owned by Heads of Group and to receive updates on mainstreaming the objectives into operational plans.

AC/CEs to ensure equality objectives met annually by Heads of Group.


By May 2011 and ongoing


Outcome 6

Incorporate equality considerations throughout the Change Management Programme.

All equality considerations identified through an EQIA are built throughout the Change Management Programme.


Until end of change management programme in 2012