Financial Resources Group

Group: Financial Resources

The current practice for the Financial Resources Group is:

  • Continue to promote the availability of the disability provision within the Members Expenses Scheme to Members. (Allowances Office – Lead: Head of Allowances and Officeholders)
  • Assess the needs of equality groups in the development of each procurement strategy by conducting an equality impact assessment for each procurement contract. (Procurement Services – Lead: Head of Procurement Services)
  • Continue to review the uptake of EQIAs in the project governance process (Financial Resources – Lead: Projects and Best Value Manager)


Aligned Outcome

Equality Objective

Measure of Success

Who is responsible

Target Completion Date



Outcome 6

Advise new Members on how to select local offices which are accessible and compliant with the Equality Act (previously the DDA) prior to any occupancy or occupancy agreement.

All new Members receive and act on advice and occupy accessible local offices.

Allowances Office (Lead: Head of Allowances)

31 July 2011



Outcome 6

Produce and maintain guidance for Members on the accessibility of local offices including physical access requirements, other equality considerations and the use of access auditors.

Guidance is developed and published on intranet for all Members to easily find and access.

Allowances Office (Lead: Head of Allowances)




Outcome 6

Ensure that equality is built into the review of Procurement Services to take account of any equality considerations included in the Responsible Purchasing Strategy and any requirements under the Equality Act as well as other relevant legislation.

Equality considerations are taken account of during the review and are demonstrated through an EQIA.

Procurement Services (Lead: Head of Procurement Services)

By the completion of the review




Outcome 6

Develop a clause containing obligations to comply with the Equality Framework for inclusion within the SPCB’s standard conditions of contract for services delivered onsite.

Clause developed and included in standard conditions of contract for services delivered onsite.

Procurement Services (Lead: Head of Procurement Services)

By end July 2011





Outcome 6

Negotiate a contract variation with all contractors that provide onsite services, to ensure they are signed up to the new Equality Framework and adhere to its key principles.

All contract variations successfully negotiated and signed up to.

Procurement Services (Lead: Head of Procurement Services)

By end Dec 2011




Outcome 6

Provide advice to Heads of Group through the budget planning documentation in relation to resourcing for any activities relating to the promotion of equality in line with SPCB legal duties to proactively promote equality across all protected areas and to make reasonable adjustments for disabled people.

Advice added into budget planning documentation for 2012-13.

Finance Office (Lead person: Head of Finance)

By end June 2011