Introduction to the Equality Framework

There are two main drivers to the Equality Framework. Firstly, the importance of having a culture where everyone feels valued and respected and can contribute freely without fear of being judged because of a personal characteristic. Secondly, the need to deliver accessible services, by recognising the diversity of people’s needs so that everyone can experience, and take part in the activities of the Parliament.

The SPCB has legal obligations under the Equality Act 2010 and we have made every effort to ensure that the Framework is aligned to the principles of the Equality Act.  The Framework has been designed in such a way as to focus on the real issues that face us as an organisation and comprises two elements:

·         A Strategy for Equality; and

·         A Single Equality Action Plan.

Our Strategy for Equality makes our commitment a reality, whilst the Single Equality Action Plan sets out the SPCB’s current practice highlighting our achievements along with the objectives we intend meeting for the future delivery of equality. The aim is to combine these two elements together to create a culture where equality becomes integral to every aspect of our working lives.  It is essential that we continue to monitor the effects of what we have put in place so that we are confident about the action taken and the positive impact made on Members, their staff, parliamentary service staff and members of the public – the strategy sets out how we will monitor and report on our progress.


Equalities Manager

If you have any questions or comments about the Equality Framework please do not hesitate to get in touch with the Equalities Manger by email at or by telephone to the HR on 0131 348 6500.