12. To support the effective implementation of this policy, we all have key responsibilities as follows: 

a. The SPCB and the Leadership Group have a responsibility, in consultation with the Trade Union Side as appropriate, to: 

  • Foster an organisational culture of respect, open communication, involvement and participation;
  • Provide a healthy and safe working environment;
  • Set a clear organisational purpose and direction supported by appropriate structures, systems,policies and processes;
  • Ensure there is sufficient organisational resource (human, financial and technological) to support achievement of corporate objectives;
  • Ensure that appropriate policies and support mechanisms are in place to assist staff in achieving and maintaining positive mental health and wellbeing.

b. Heads of Group/Office and Line Managers have a responsibility, in consultation with the Trade Union Side as appropriate, to:

  • Review job roles regularly to ensure that they are not over/under loaded and that staff have a clear understanding of their responsibilities and are able to exercise an appropriate level of control over their work;
  • Provide adequate information, training, supervision and instruction to enable staff to undertake their responsibilities competently and to cope with change at work;
  • Monitor potential indicators of stress, for example, patterns of work, absence levels and reasons, staff turnover, grievances and exit interviews and take action to address any issues identified; and
  • Ensure that the SPCB’s policies (see paragraph 13) are implemented effectively in their business area.

c. The Human Resources Office has a responsibility to provide professional advice and support to the SPCB and managers in how to manage mental health and wellbeing and how to minimise stress inducing factors in the workplace.

d. The Occupational Health Service has a responsibility to:

  • Provide support to staff who are experiencing mental health difficulties through the self or management referral system;
  • Investigate instances of work-related stress/mental health difficulties;
  • Ensure early referral to the Confidential Counselling and Information Service or other support agencies, as appropriate; and
  • Provide advice to staff and management on ways of coping with and addressing mental health difficulties.

e. All members of staff have a responsibility to:

  • Take personal responsibility for their own health and wellbeing;
  • Report promptly to a line manager any risks in the workplace which could potentially compromise your mental health and wellbeing;
  • Seek support if you are experiencing mental health difficulties and alert your line manager, particularly if you believe the difficulties relate to the workplace; and
  • Adhere to the SPCB’s policies which are in place to support you.
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