Annex to the SPCB Smoke-free Policy

You can find out more about smoking and obtain support if you are trying to give up from:

  • Your doctor
  • The Scottish Parliament’s confidential Counselling and Information Service on 0800 587 5670. The confidential Counselling and Information Service can offer general advice and support if required.
  • Smokeline (0800 848 484). This is a Freephone counselling service provided to give help and advice to smokers who are trying to give up. The line is available from 12 noon to 12 midnight seven days a week. You will also be offered a helpful step by step guide offering guidance and advice on how to give up smoking.
  • Quit is an independent charity whose aim is to help smokers to stop. They have a telephone helpline (0800 00 22 00) and website ( You can also contact them by e-mail (
  • ASH, Action on Smoking and Health (Scotland), on 0131 225 4725 (website: can also provide general information on giving up smoking.

External Links

Website offering information on giving up smoking.

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