The Equality Framework

Foreword from Clerk/Chief Executive

Welcome to the SPCB’s Equality Framework. This Framework demonstrates our commitment to equality and our actions to further advance equality in the Scottish Parliament.  As one of the Parliament’s four founding principles, equality is at the heart of our organisation. The SPCB recognises that everyone should have an equal opportunity and where there are barriers to participation, the SPCB will take steps to remove these so that no one is excluded from the activities of the Parliament and that people from all walks of life have the opportunity to engage, freely without discrimination, with its Members and staff.  As a legislature, there is an expectation that we should be exemplary in our commitment to equal opportunities. With this in mind, it is our aspiration to have equality firmly rooted in everything that we do and integral to our working practices. 

Since the Framework was first established in 2003, the SPCB has made a significant contribution to the advancement of equality and, in light of this success, has encouraged staff to bring about change by making a positive difference for those groups most likely to be disadvantaged.  However, taking action to deliver our commitment still brings with it many challenges.

The SPCB is proud of its progress on equality and the Framework sets out how we will build on this success over the course of the next parliamentary session. We look forward to the years ahead in supporting a Parliament that is accessible and equal to all.



Paul Grice
Clerk/Chief Executive



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Diversity and Inclusion Strategy

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