Working for the Scottish Parliamentary Service

The Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body (SPCB) ensures that the Parliament has the property and services it needs. The SPCB is made up of the Presiding Officer and four MSPs who are appointed by the Parliament. It makes decisions on a wide range of issues to do with running the Parliament and employs the staff who work for the Parliament.

Parliamentary staff are not civil servants. They are independent of the Government and act impartially solely on behalf of the Parliament. There are many groups of staff performing a wide range of tasks, from clerks (who advise MSPs on detailed matters of parliamentary procedure) to security and IT staff. The Clerk/Chief Executive, as the Parliament’s most senior official, has the ultimate responsibility for ensuring it operates smoothly and efficiently.

MSPs are responsible for the recruitment of their own staff. If you are interested in working for an MSP please contact her or him direct.

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Employee Benefits

List of Scottish Parliamentary Service employee benefits

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Working for the Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body: More information

Hours, annual leave, pension, probation, political activities, health and safety and data protection

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Equal Opportunities

Information about the Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body's commitment to equal opportunities in employment.

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Policy Statement on the Employment of Ex-offenders

The Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body's policy on Disclosure.