Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body (SPCB) Staff Handbook

About the Scottish Parliament

An introduction to the SPCB Staff Handbook

Equalities and Diversity

Information on equalities and diversity in the Parliament.

Health and Safety at Work

Our policy on Health and Safety at work, and a basic guide to procedures.

Conduct: Principles and Rules

Standards of behaviour required of staff working for the Scottish Parliamentary Service

Disciplinary Procedures

Procedures designed to deal with unsatisfactory standards of conduct.

Management and Development

Information about grading, perfomance management and career development.

Pay and Allowances

Pay, allowances and benefits arrangements.


Information about expenses that may be reimbursed.

Hours, Holidays and Attendance

Information about hours, flexible working, leave and attendance management.


Interchange arrangements

Leaving the Scottish Parliament

This section contains details of ways in which staff can leave the SPCB's employment including resignation, retirement and dismissal.

Employment Policies

Information about a number of policies relating to your employment.

Employee Benefits

Benefits available to SPCB employees.