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PE01719: Review of fire safety stay-put policy

Housing Planning

Petitioner: Rachel Gibson on behalf of tenants Cartcraigs Road, G431AA


Date Lodged: 08 May 2019

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to to review the current ‘stay-put’ policy as it applies to the fire strategy for existing multi-storey residential buildings

Petition History:



30 May 2019: The Committee agreed to write to the Scottish Government, COSLA, the Scottish Federation of Housing Associations, the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service and the National Fire Chiefs Council. Link to the Official Report of 30 May 2019

21 November 2019: The Committee agreed to refer the petition to the Local Government and Communities Committee under Rule 15.6.2 of Standing Orders. Link to Official Report of Meeting 21 November 2019

4 March 2020: The Committee (Local Government and Communities Committee) agreed to write to the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service on issues raised in the petition and to close the petition. Link to Official Report of Meeting 4 March 2020

Written Submissions:

1. Do you agree that it should it be a policy rule that tenants in high-rise flats are told immediately when a fire is spreading in their building so that they do not ‘stay put’ in ignorance?

2. Would you stay in your flat in a high-rise building if you knew that fire was spreading from one of the other flats, even if this was several floors away from your flat?


Staying put has been proven NOT to work and i lt is naturally human nature to flee. I feel there should be instructions on every floor and people are explained and helped to even have some sort planned routine in a controlled way as possible to get as many people out of the building . But people should not be told to stay put and perish !

Elaine shane

12:31 on 22 Apr 2019

Stay Put policy is not sufficient. Tighter regulations need to be adopted to ensure another tragedy does not occur

David Gibson

16:36 on 16 Apr 2019

Tighter regulations are needed to ensure another tragedy does not occur. Stay Put is not sufficient!

David Gibson

16:32 on 16 Apr 2019

It's human nature to flee danger,and I don't think this has changed whether it be high rise flats or garden shed.

John macdonald

15:27 on 15 Apr 2019

A proper review of the stay put policy is long overdue.

Marian Mitchell

20:26 on 14 Apr 2019

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