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PE01794: New eligibility criteria for the Small Business Bonus Scheme

Business Industry

Petitioner: Christopher Walls


Date Lodged: 28 February 2020

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to expand the eligibility criteria for the Small Business Bonus Scheme to ensure that small businesses can benefit from it, no matter what their location.



Petition History:

SPICe Briefing (110KB pdf)


26 August 2020: The Committee agreed to close the petition under Rule 15.7 of Standing Orders, on the basis that the Scottish Government does not intend to make any significant reforms to the small business bonus scheme prior to the publication of the independent review of the scheme. Link to Official Report of Meeting 26 August 2020        

Written submissions

PE1794/A: Scottish Government submission of 4 August 2020 (80KB pdf)

PE1795/B: Petitioner response of 17 August 2020 (96KB pdf)

• Should the Small Business Bonus scheme be available to all small businesses and not just those in low rental areas?

• Has being ineligible for the scheme been detrimental to your small business?


I currently manage a business in Silverburn Shopping Centre and have tried to appeal this as it is a high rate to pay for the turnover we have year on year.

Alexandru Alexa

22:27 on 20 Feb 2020

Unfair Business Rates policies are severely damaging retail, and resulting in job losses

John Duffy

15:12 on 10 Feb 2020

Please revisit the small business rate criteria and £18k threshold on rateable value , its killing small operators and costing jobs

David Pierotti

13:10 on 03 Feb 2020

500% increase in rates if continues I will have to close

John Thomson

13:03 on 03 Feb 2020

Non domestic rates should not be managed by local authorities. Small Business Scheme is crucial for survival of small businesses.

Pearl Hamilton

11:20 on 03 Feb 2020

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