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PE01674: Managing the Cat Population in Scotland

Rural Affairs

Petitioner: Ellie Stirling


Closing Date for Online Petition: 18 October 2017

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to review the Code of Practice under the Wildlife and Natural Environment (Scotland) Act 2011 and to identify measures which could be introduced to control the soaring domestic cat population and protect the existence of the Scottish wildcat.

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Comments (18)

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What do you think about the proposal to help cat owners ensure that their cats are chipped and neutered?

What opportunities do you think this could open up for breeders, in terms of training and licensing?

What potential benefits do you think this can provide to animal welfare charities, if they are able to redistribute time and resources from cat neutering?


I volunteer for Cats Protection, raising awareness of neutering and chipping and actually believe microchipping should be mandatory for cats as it currently is for dogs.

Amanda Roy

21:42 on 18 Sep 2017

There are too many domestic pets in this country and if there is conflict between wild animals and pets we should ALWAYS be taking measures to prioritise protection of our wildlife and wild spaces.

Dee Govan

18:06 on 18 Sep 2017

Wildcat population needs to be protected - so do populations of birds in our towns and cities: currently hammered by the domestic cat population.


17:09 on 18 Sep 2017

I have had 4 cats in my life and if one is not there to care and nurture them then do no have any at all as we do not own them we care for them for all our benefits.

Mr David James Catchpole

16:17 on 18 Sep 2017

I believe, as an owner of two neutered and micro-chipped cats, that it is every cat owner and potential cat owner's responsibility to ensure the welfare of any animal is paramount. That includes neutering, micro-chipping and ensuring all vaccinations are carried out. If that is cost prohibitive then serious consideration should be given to owning a cat. In addition the Scottish wildcat is critically endangered and the compulsory neutring of all cats would make a huge difference to their survival for future generations to enjoy. It would also ensure people looking for a cat can source them from a reputable breeder and they will have the piece of mind that the animal is healthy, from good stock and therefore should not result in unneccessary vet bills, outwith the norm.

Duncan McKenzie

14:19 on 18 Sep 2017

I own cats myself and see at first hand the impact they can have if uncontrolled. This seems a very sensible measure in view of the large feral cat population to protect wildlife in general, as well as for the well-being of the cats themselves.

Gill Hulme

13:47 on 18 Sep 2017

I agree that the domestic cat population needs to be controlled, but I would be totally against a cull. Chipping and neutering is an absolute must, and any responsible cat owner would have no objection to it, I am sure.

Antje Molton

13:24 on 18 Sep 2017

The feral cat population in Scotland is a very major welfare challenge, and threatens the native Scottish wild cat population with extermination

Edmund Palmer

8:32 on 18 Sep 2017

This parliamentary action is long overdue and a vital adjunct to Scottish Wildcat Actions efforts. Cats are out of control in Scotland and we need to act now.

Sir John Lister-Kaye

16:39 on 17 Sep 2017

It is vital that the domestic cat population is controlled to ensure the survival of wildcats, and help the numbers of wild birds that are currently being decimated

Anne MacInnes

7:21 on 14 Sep 2017

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